Resources Cover

    Hello, I'm not sure that this is a bug but today I saw that you can add a cover to your resources, and when you add a cover; - The title of the resource gets "centered" and it goes behind the resource icon making it look really weird (in my opinion). - For users using the dark theme the title...
  2. xHue


    PLACEHOLDERAPI IS REQUIRED TO BE INSTALLED ON YOUR SERVER FOR THIS PLUGIN TO WORK! PlaceholderAPI: CLICK HERE ----------------------------- [/SPOILER][/spoiler] -----------------------------[/SPOILER] -----------------------------[/COLOR] [/spoiler]...
  3. Cube Hosting

    Chat Mention Alert 1.0.0

    Chat Mention Alert About Chat Mention Alert Chat Mention Alert is a very lightweight plugin, that displays a large message to a player when they are mentioned in chat. Example: What Can It Do? Alert players who are mentioned in chat Alert players with the name of the player that mentions...
  4. Mr.Kio

    how to do i change my title in mcm

    Hi, Im new here in mcm and i'm not fimilar of anything in the website and i want to change my title from New Member to a server administrator if it's possible?
  5. Krispycubes

    TitleManager | Config 1.0

    Hello! Today I will be selling a high quality tab config in multiple different colors to fit your server needs! Each config is labeled with the different color code they have.
  6. Jackelele

    Animated Website Title (Tab Title) 1.0

    Hello All, This is a javascript file that can be added to your index.html or into an external file; completely your choice. You are able to customise the text to what you want it to be. You can also change the characters that constructed the title. Preview Of this: https://jackelele.co.uk/...
  7. Flawws

    Doing anything for $25 < Serious Stuff >

    Hey, the title says it all! Comment down what you need (Can be below $25)!! Many Thanks, Flawws
  8. EpicFooF

    Dark blue banner template 2017-05-06

    Free banner template ***Designed by EpicFooF is NOT allowed to be removed or hidden.
  9. EpicFooF

    Blue banner template 1.0

    Free banner template ***Designed by EpicFooF is NOT allowed to be removed or hidden.
  10. ByteMonkey

    bAnnouncements 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

    About bAnnouncements allows you to broadcast chat, title cards or even action bar messages across your BungeeCord network. You can do this automatically (which is on a timer and also via config) or manually using the provided commands. Commands /announcechat <server(s) | global> <message> -...
  11. I

    Trailer and Banner maker

    Hi, i was wondering whether someone could make a me a trailer and banner/title for my YouTube series, which will be held on a server a few friends have made. I will pay he/she who helps. Please contact me on my skype thekraze2 Kind regards
  12. vividlyy

    Flag Users as Suspicious

    I thought of this suggestion after looking over someone's thread about a potential scammer list. The idea is: the ability to flag a user as suspicious, which would give them a red title "Suspicious" under their name. To add on, there could be "Undergoing Report" when the user is undergoing a...
  13. Abundance

    Is It Still Possible To Change The Title Of A Thread?

    I used to be able to edit the title of my threads but I can no longer so. So I was just wondering, did they removed that feature?
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