tokens plugin

  1. Swanis

    SuperTokens [1.8-1.18] [API] Tons Of Features, GUI, Unlimited Rewards & More! v1.1

    The #1 Tokens Plugin on the Market! Super Tokens is a custom currency & shop designed to make users grind to earn stuff like ranks, keys & much more! Fully configurable 1.8-1.18.1 Support MySQL Support Unlimited rewards Updating reward shop Changeable drop rates Sounds Easy to...
  2. DarkKnights22

    PlatinumTokens CHRISTMAS SALE Merchants | Shops | Tokens | Enchants Support [1.7-1.15] 1.1.9

    PlatinumTokens is a unique plugin that allows players to collect tokens and purchase items/permissions/whatever you want! This is a great incentive to players and rewards them for completing tasks, redeeming clues, or anything else - it's completely up to you! Merchants Shop Tokens Advanced...
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