1. Simii

    Epic Japanese Duel Arena - inspired by Techno vs Dream Duel 1.1

    Info: - The map is supported for all versions from 1.8 - Can be used as Duel arena, Pvp arena, Mob arena, or even as a lobby - The size of the map is 150x100 - On the map is a place for 2 spawn points - Arena is secured so that no player can leave it. Download: - The download folder is in .zip...
  2. Simii

    Giant Sakura on a Floating Island 1.1

    I built this little floating island and a big sakura tree on it with 2 toriis (the japanese gates). This could be a smaller waiting lobby or a duel pvp arena or just some random islands in the sky. You can modify and use it anywhere, hope you like it! : D I can also help you in building...
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