troll hackers

  1. A

    Troll Assistant 1.1

    Description: A plugin that allows you to troll players with unique trolls that have never been seen before with just a simple command! Commands: /troll <player> <troll> Trolls: MLG- Teleports the player 100 blocks in the air and gives them a water bucket to MLG bucket! Potato - Fills the...
  2. xFuzzy

    Ultimate Troll [50% SALE] [THE BIGGEST TROLL PLUGIN!] [1.8-1.16.4] 2.0.0

    Welcome to Ultimate Troll! I first made this plugin in 2016, took a break, and came back now (2021!) with version 2.0! This plugin now works on ALL VERSIONS from 1.8-1.16, and will be maintained as new versions are released! So, you can ignore the reviews that complain about versions. We are...
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