1. EdgyBoi2414

    EdgyBoi's ConfigSync | Sync a config across a network! 1.0.0

    Have you ever wanted to copy a config across an entire Bungee network? Same, lol. ConfigSync allows you to sync a plugin's config file across multiple individual server's on a Bungee network... And it's super easy to set up! Setup Guide Place the Bungee plugin onto your Bungee server Place...
  2. RichTheLord

    Premium Staff Mode 1.0.0

    Introduction Have you ever wanted a staff mode who has everything built? Well, this is the best option you can have, this one includes the most useful tools for an staff (see below the whole list). Teleporter (The compass of worldedit). Random Player TP (Check any player). Vanish (Prevents...
  3. NotSoBoop

    DarkCore - Massive Utilities Plugin 1.0

    DarkCore is a new plugin that is meant to help make server management a ton easier. Here are the full capabilities of DarkCore: Features list: Server management features including: Bans Kicks Mute ClearChat Temporary bans IP Bans Vanish Freeze Slowchat Command Creator (create commands like...
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