1. Xayden

    Happy Halloween 2021 - By Xayden 1.0

    Happy Halloween from Xayden! ------------------------------------- We over at Xayden wish you a spooky and fun Halloween with the sights of this wonderful piece of art. -------------------------------------- For more amazing content we'd like to invite you to our community...
  2. LittleRoom

    LittleRoom's Halloween Mobpack 2.0

    Introducing Little Room's latest Mob-Pack just in time for Halloween! Experience these latest bone-chilling creations to add spooky encounters for your players! Featuring a cast of classic monsters including: The Infamous Frankenstein's Monster! He's as large and omnious as the real deal...
  3. Omidius

    Vampires [1.8 - 1.16+] v1.6.1

    OVERVIEW Vampires is a plugin gives players (with the right permissions) some cool new powers and abilities which they can mostly toggle on and off via commands. This plugin adds the powers of a super jump, super speed, invisibility, custom feed, sunburn, nightprowl, and night vision so that...
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