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  1. Screech

    [PREMIUM] Vote Page | Responsive - Loading Screen - Vote Link Switch 1.1

    » Introduction Are you looking for a vote page for your Minecraft server and don't know which one to choose? Look no further. Thanks to the simple and clean code, you will be able to modify it according to your needs. If you have any issues or questions, please contact me in private message...
  2. Johnn

    Siro - Vote Theme [ SWITCH COLOR ] [ SALE ] 1.0

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] SWITCH COLOR DARK MODE LIGHT MODE MOBILE FEATURES Quick Customization ( 60+ options ) Custom Basket Custom Category & Products Custom Navbar / Sidebar & Header menu...
  3. Smashino

    ModernX | Vote - Minecraft Website Template 3.0

    About ModernX is the template for a modern looking website. The template comes with the ability to change color with 1 code. View the template Live by clicking here Features Navagation Bar Secondary Navagion Bar Player Count Discord Count Copying IP More of this Template Portal -...
  4. Johnn

    Phoenix | Vote Template | HQ 1.2

  5. Johnn

    Megix Vote Template 1.0

    ✎ Ability to change colors ✎ Discord Counter ✎ Minecraft Counter ✎ Logo animation ✎ Customized categories ✎ Fast Support ✎ Customizable Scrollbar ✎ IP Copy ✎ Responsive ☛ Discord ID: Johnn#8299
  6. RezzoMC

    Electro Vote Template - NEW FEATURES 1.0

    Template give ability to change all colors just with one code! To report a bug, give a suggestion, or if you have a question you can address the issue on discord server: Features: ✔ Animated Logo ✔ Navigation Menu ✔ Responsive on all Devices ✔ Clean Code ✔ Player...
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