weapon models

  1. Watchers Of Fate

    [Texturepack] 3D Gang Pack 1.1

    This pack have 12 models. The minigun is on diamond horse armor. Shotgun is on iron horse armor. Taser on golden horse armor Blue syringe is on blue dye. Red syringe is on red dye. Green syringe is on green dye. Baton is on iron sword. There is also some models on other dyes. There is different...
  2. Flare2B

    [Free] 3D Guns Model Pack 1 2021-09-03

    A pack of three free gun models, made in a style that will fit in modern, post-apocalyptic, or even WWII settings. Works on all MC versions from 1.8 onwards. Colours and in-game proportions/view can be changed as desired by modifying the palette and json files respectively. To import/install...
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