1. TigerYT

    Offering Free Front-End Website Development

    Brief Description Hey, I am an experienced Website Developer who has been designing and developing websites and applications for just over 5 years now. I spent my time just having fun and messing around with lines of code, helping out friends and little entrepreneurs with their small businesses...
  2. arhippa11

    Looking for web developers to join a team!

    Join: and ping arhippa11 ! Message: arhippa11#4625 ! Also looking for discord bot developers!
  3. VactumPlays

    Feedback for website - Discord Server Listing Website

    Hi, I'm the owner of a new Discord Server Listing Website. I'm looking for feedback, constructive criticism, website design thoughts, suggestions, and bugs/issues We just launched beta two days ago, and have been patching bugs as they are discovered. Link: Known...
  4. Thwopsie

    CraftingStore Full Web Design (multiple page)

    Hi there, I am looking to hire a Web Developer to create a CraftStore Shop for my Network. The Network comes in 2 parts, the first: an arcade minigame Network named Pixelin (the main front of the Network) and the second, CosmicSMP (the launching game when the server is ready for release). With...
  5. RocketPlugins

    🚀 RocketPlugins | Cheap website development [PayPal & ETH]

    Hello, I’m Lorenzo and I can create a website for your service. Examples: Here are some languages that i know: Features: Prices: The prices are just examples and are not final. You can contact me to get a price for a work. You can pay with: See my past works on...
  6. Thwopsie

    Intermediary for Server Purchase ($1,500-$3,000)

    Hi there, I am looking to expand my network into a new genre of server that is currently not public. To do so, I intend to do a full buy out of their network and all of their assets including intellectual property, multimedia networks, custom plugins, resource packs, builds and a small...
  7. gtx1070

    Offering Minecraft Plugin Development! (Doing small projects for a vouch)

    Offering development services! Ever needed Small or Huge Plugins Discord bots Websites AntiCheats for your Minecraft Server? Message me! Discord: gtx#4649 or on here I've been working with java for about five years, and I started developing spigot plugins about 3 years ago. I have...
  8. Thwopsie

    In need of Multi-functional, all-purpose Discord bot

    Hi there, I am in need of a multi-functional, all purpose bot that can do the following: Link to Player's Minecraft account as well as NameMC account Ticket support system Link to a website - not immediately required Statistics Tracking linked to server Roles and User Verification Create...
  9. DisQuest

    ✪ DISNEY SERVER! With a twist! ★ Looking for Staff!

    ✧ D I S Q U E S T ✧ A brand New Disney Theme Park Experience SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Discord: Discord Direct Link Code: D9Vaaf9CvB Website Link: -------------- A B O U T DisQuest is the first-ever story and exploration-driven Disney Minecraft server...
  10. Kryth


    Removed because I'm selling this externally (closed)
  11. Kryth

    Portfolio for sale:,,, and more!

    UGPU.COM $500 (GPU = Graphics Card) BATTLEFRONT.ORG $200 (cool PVP name?) VRUF.COM $500 (Virtual Reality) CRYPTOKITTIES.ORG $200 CAMMERS.ORG $100 PUBLISHINGLIST.COM $200 RIDOFDEBT.COM $100 SPARKMATES.COM $100 WEBCAMMERS.NET $100 $300 We can use,, or any of...
  12. Shylor

    🎩 Minecraft Top 🎩- New Toplist - From the Developers behind Discord.Me

    HELLO, WE'RE MINECRAFT TOP Let's not beat around the bush here. Minecraft Top is pretty new to the Minecraft space. We're the team behind Discord.Me and being long time Minecraft players, we thought we should jump in. If you are seeking fame and fortune, then maybe we're not...
  13. Zorino

    Selling a Web Design Template (Resell Rights)

    This website was made for a friend but since he didn't use it & his server shut down I've no use for it that's why selling :) Preview: Send your offer here or DMS(Please mention about this in message) @Zorino#1110
  14. Joshua C

    ⭐$350 ⭐ | NFT Minting Bundle | Solana/Ethereum supported | Smart Contract Included [custom frontend per client!]

    Discord Joshua C#5870 Telegram @joshuacote Email [email protected]
  15. VampireDD


  16. VampireDD


  17. cashoutgang1337

    LF Custom ATShop Template / Theme

    I would like to have a custom ATShop template made for my autoshop if its at all possible? Like the custom sellix/shoppy site templates. My Shop is located at If you need to, feel free to contact me on telegram on telegram cashoutgang1337
  18. GeniusWolf

    [Sale 50%] [Website - Status] Status Page For Your Servers CSS|HTML|PHP|JS 2022-05-13

    Status Installation 1) Put all files to your website folder. 2) Go to config.php and add your websites and servers. Support If you have any question or any problem, write me to pm.
  19. Warsteiner37


  20. radisic023

    rade023 | Front-end Developer [NEW WEBSITE]

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