1. Yidas

    OAKLEY | Factions Spawn 1.0

    OAKLEY | Faction Spawn 1.16+ | $4.99 Information & Download - Includes the build as seen in the render - The download is a .schematic file - Build is non-exclusive and does not include resell rights Have any questions? If you have questions or need any support send me a PM or add me on...
  2. CobaltByte

    Mini Wooden Temple Spawn 2020-09-16

    50% Off Unique Server Spawn/Hub Wooden Spawn Temple Area Dimensions: 101x101 INFORMATION: • Great schematic for a small spawn/hub/warp area • ZIP folder containing the .schem (World Edit Needed) • Build was made in MC Version 1.14 • Schem is a wooden temple in the middle of tall stone hills...
  3. Rhos

    Vector Block Icons 2 2020-04-17

    Icons for use anywhere and everywhere! Buycraft, server icons, merch, it's all good - these are free to use in any way you want. Upon downloading you'll receive .png files of all of the above, as well as a version of each scaled-up to 4x. I've also included the Illustrator file so you can...
  4. Rokso

    EXCLUSIVE!-Medieval Faction Spawn/Hub 101x101

    Medieval Faction Spawn/Hub 101x101 Size 101x101 ----------------------- Includes Places for: Spawn area Crates area Enchanting area Staff area Contact discord RoksoArt#8587 https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/medieval-faction-spawn-hub/
  5. Rokso

    ---EXCLUSIVE!---Old Wood Mansion! Hub/Spawn 300x300---

    !Wood Mansion Themed Hub/Spawn! Size 300x300 ----------------------- Includes Places for: Spawn area Crates area Enchanting area Staff area Contact discord RoksoArt#8587
  6. bamboom

    CHEAPEST GRAPHICS - Bamboom's Graphics Shop

    Hello everyone, I am Bamboom, and I am the owner of this graphics shop. I got into graphics a while back, but it wasn't until recently that I started improving and working in Photoshop. YOU MUST PAY BEFORE DELIVERY. ONCE YOU PAY I WILL GET STARTED, SO I WON'T WASTE MY TIME ON SOMEONE THAT...
  7. ArcanineBuilds

    How much would this build be worth?

    Yo, I recently built this mansion and I was just curious as the how much it would actually be worth, I am aware it's rather basic. It could be turned into a spawn, shop or just recreational use. I don't mind if it is appraised at lower than a dollar or something like that, I also appreciate...
  8. TediStorm421

    Exclusive hub [250x250] [12 portals]

    Selling hub ~~~~~~ Size: 250x250 Portals:12 Style: Modern ~~~~~~ Pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157679404165671 Proof of ownership: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157681336960935 ~~~~~~ Spawn can be sent in schematic file format Price: 50$...
  9. SmashMC

    ONLY $10 HQ spawn / hub. [EXCLUSIVE] 180x250

    Hi there guys, recently I have made a spawn/hub using only wood (stonebrick only for the fountains). It's an exclusive build. SIZE: 180x250. Price: ONLY $10 . Payment method: Paypal F&F (Friends and Family) Terms and Conditions -You are not allowed to claim the builds as your own...
  10. BioticBuildsYT

    Selling a small hub/waiting room.

    I have built a small little build and thought it would be a good waiting room for minigames or something along those lines. I would only charge about $7.50 because it is a smallish but well built (in my opinion xP) build. If you have any questions or you want to come onto the server i built it...
  11. MsDawn

    48x48 Spawn Area

    Hi! ^_^ I need a schematic for a spawn area that is 48x48 in size. Make it look natural, fantasy-like, maybe a temple? You can include scenery in the 48x48 area. Vines, flowers, river, whatever. ^_^ Make it look pretty. :3 I like little details like patterns in the floors and walls. Color...
  12. Aklali

    137x137 Factions Spawn, Professional, Exclusive!

    Hello once again! Today I will sell my newest creation, a 137x137 Factions Spawn, Wood and Sandstone Style! It has 2 rings of walkways made out of brown wool and stained clay, and the outer ring has walls on it, with a huge, wavy roof supported by many pillars on the in- aswell as the outside...
  13. Aklali

    Giving away a professional Server Hub for Free!

    Hello! So, i found this Website a while ago, and decided that I would like to monetize my Builds, as I really enjoy doing these, and they are just unused on my Computer. Recently (about 3 Days ago), I finished this Endstone Style Hub with four large Portals. I would like to sell it, but nobody...
  14. aSethy

    Wooden Faction spawn | 103x103

    Includes: - Enchanting tables - 4 Crate Areas - Mob spawners - Shop - Pond Pictures of the spawn: https://gyazo.com/5312383d69e700a93fe83c7cd365afbc https://gyazo.com/fd667447ef817b6c0645eabece0c6f72 https://gyazo.com/f48707244d26af3923cdb6336dd43e72...
  15. Synraw

    Small 8 Portal Hub | Cheap

    Small detailed 8 portal hub/lobby. Has never been used on any servers, was built a few days ago. Images: Price: BIN= $15 Current bid= $5 (CallMeVay) Minimum next bid: $6 Bidding ends Wednesday 12:00PM
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