world painter

  1. SuperKoalaG

    RPG World terrain/map

    What I’m looking for: im looking for an RPG map that I can implement all my systems into and paste my builds and cities into. The map I’m looking for is in the 20kx20k range. I’m looking for sea level to be at 30 so it gives me a little room under the earth to play with. No trees are needed as I...
  2. coolfirelava

    World Painter World

  3. Guardark

    Green Mountain 1.0

    This mountainous island has a low altitude area in its center with a path to the beach. Size: 1000x1000
  4. Guardark

    [ULTRA REALISTIC MAP] The Mont-Blanc 3400x3400 Create from reality! 3.0

    Want to make your players travel and amaze them? This map is for you! The Mont-blanc is a map of Le Mont-blanc and its surrounding mountains. You will not see it anywhere else, in addition to reproducing it in a realistic style, The mont-Blanc has been recreated from the real relief, which...
  5. Innings


    Note: The original creator of this map is Dragx#9403 who has given me the right to sell this map, for more clarification please contact him on Discord via the given ID An area expanding to a total size of 1028x896 blocks, featuring a total of 5 major islands scattered across the world, filled...
  6. ErcoleSiculo

    LF world painter expert (paid)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for help on implementing biomes on a map that is already made. The map is very big, and it has already been made by a world painter expert, I won't link his website here, but in the making he used 29 biomes, and since I am working on a project that needs 60 biomes...
  7. Meric

    [FREE] Small World Painter creations (500x500)

    Hello! I'm relatively new to the program and am looking to my improve my skills. Basically, for fun and learning experience (And to get a little rep) I'm offering Free 500x500 WorldPainter creations. I just need you to provide me a topic / theme for the build. I may or may not deliver on it...
  8. Gallto

    Hiring World Painter!

    Hey there! I am looking for a world painter of some skill. I'd like a certain terrain map to be made, following some specifications. For your service, we would happily pay an agreed-upon sum. It would also assure us if you showed us a bit of your work in the past, for examples servers...
  9. C

    Looking for World Painter/Machine/etc map maker

    I'm working on a new 1.13.2 project and am in need of some awesome terrain/map. It's meant to be something MMO inspired and will be used on a quest and exploration-heavy server. What I am looking for is something 5-6k square, with varied biomes with some realism (or fantasy, with detail) to...
  10. ItzIndyNL

    (9,-) Searching for people that can do worldpaint / map maker (9,-)

    I want to have a map with lots of water only islands and always at begin of island sand layer Not to high mountains bit ascending folder about map size 6k -= Biomes =- 2x Sand (BIOME) 1x Swamp (BIOME) 1x Jungle not so much trees (BIOME) 3x Normal Grass (BIOME) 1x Snow (BIOME) Discord...
  11. BruteWars

    quotes on a World Painter build

    Ok just looking for a few quotes on a build don't know when I plan on having it commissioned probably be based on numbers I see. The build - a island roughly 5k - 8k should have small to medium mountains a few valleys doesn't have to be overly detailed maybe a few islands dotting around a...
  12. Searlohn

    Good professional Worldpainter

    Hey, I`m Searlohn and I`m looking for someone that can remake me a map .You can pm me on discord for more information or if you're interested @Searlohn#4721
  13. NaxxosMC

    8k x 8k World painted factions map

    Looking to buy a world painted factions map, open to buying a non exclusive so long as it has each biome that is accessible in vanilla Minecraft. P.S Not interested in a buying a EWG map. You can contact me on skype or PM my account Skype: Jacob.smith3710
  14. Matamex

    *Builders Needed* Avelyn Studios Build Team

    Avelyn Studios Build Team -+- What is Avelyn Studios? Avelyn Studios is an uprising creation studio that does all sorts of things such as building, development, hosting, etc. Our studio is broken up into two major parts. We have Large Studio Projects and we have small commission-based...
  15. Matamex


  16. ImPimpinHoes

    WorldPainted Map

    I am looking for a world painted map! I will be willing to pay for it. It needs to be 3kx3k or 4kx4k I'll tell you more details on skype! Skype: Bibb.harris TOS 1.) I'll pay half and you're make the map and once it's done I'll pay the rest and you'll send the map! 2.) if the map needs anything...
  17. Stylez

    HCF / Factions Custom Worlds [Cheap]

    MC-Market - Basically I've taken a break from world painting for mc-market, just been making maps for bigger server as that's all I have time for. - I now have some time and want to provide some really good maps for a small price! - All the premades below will be exclusive and extremely cheap...
  18. creativitRy

    Custom WorldPainter Scripts - Professional Extension Service

    Hey guys, I'm ctRy. I would like to share my Java / JS / Python skills with this community. So enjoy. If this is not the correct forum to post this, please let me know. Freebies - WorldPainter Scripts Freebies - MCEdit Filters --- I'll try to extend this list more as time goes...
  19. VolTec

    [50% OFF] ★ RPG World ★ - [4000x4000] • 10.00$

    I worked on Map in 2015, but I have not fully completed somewhere around 30-40% of the project is completed there are numerous buildings. the cause of which sell Map is that I have no time to work. PRICE: 10.00$ [CLICK TO BUY] Terms and Conditions: You can't claim this build as your own No...
  20. veloticy

    veloticy's Terrain Shop // Cheap HQ Terrain

    velo's Terrain Shop - OPEN I am offering terrain services for those interested. I specialize in making high quality terrain for Texture Packs with metadata (specifically Conquest_ by Monsterfish_) however I am versatile in terrain and would be capable and willing to do terrain for any version...
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