1. A

    Xenforo License

    Hi All, I'm looking for a Xenforo License, if anyone has one to offer. Please let me know! Greetz, Alex
  2. MadeInEurope

    [VOUCHED] MadeInEurope's Forum Setups ✨ Cheap | Professional | Fast ✨ Make a difference from others!

    XENFORO FORUM SETUPS | MAKE A DIFFERENCE FROM OTHERS! Hello there, my name is Teodor and I'm a forums specialist. I will make an amazing looking forum based on your needs, timing and expectations. I will also provide you with full support and advice during the commission and as well teach you...
  3. Johnn

    Siro - XenForo 2 Theme [ SWITCH COLOR ] [ SALE ] 1.0

    ANNOUNCE! IF YOU WANT TO BUY THIS RESOURCE Contact us on Discord: Johnn#8299 or email us at [email protected] LIGHT MODE DARK MODE [/SPOILER] FEATURES Quick Customization ( 60+ options ) Custom Basket Custom Category & Products Custom Navbar / Sidebar & Header menu Custom...
  4. PongGone

    Looking For Experienced Xenforo/Tebex Website Designer

    Hello, I am looking for someone to change my current Minecraft Server website (Enjin Based) and make it look professional > Example: https://www.Skycade.net (Credit: DubDesigns) Looking for someone with skills around these platforms: Xenforo NamelessMC BuyCraft (tebex) Looking for serious...
  5. Larvvy


    Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone that can make a XenForo addon according to our needs, of course, I will pay. If you're interested message me on discord Larvvy#1873
  6. MrVibe

    Aether | Liber XenForo Style. [16581375+ Customizations.] 1.0

    Some facts before you download the theme. 1. RGB Color: (255,255,255) 2. 255x255x255 = 16581375 3. Thrashers go away from the comments. 4. MrVibe is cool asf. Looking for support/custom design? Join My Discord Server: https://discord.com/invite/bamGRM9s27 Addon Support: EWR-XenPorta 2 The...
  7. Diced


    NEED A PLACE TO HOST YOUR NEW XENFORO THEME? CHECK OUT DICED HOSTING AND GET 50% OFF ANY HOSTING SERVICE BY USING CODE "50OFF"! Custom easy-install high-quality Xenforo theme Theme is compatible with the following addons: Staff Addon News Addon Theme: BLUE THEME: GREEN THEME: PURPLE...
  8. N

    Xenforo License

    I am looking for a second hand active Xenforo License. If you have one for sale please do PM me on the forums. - License must be transferable - License must be active and not expired
  9. Shaun

    [CoralDev] Forums vs. Ghost, what's better for your Minecraft Server?

    Hey y'all, https://coraldev.net is a Minecraft plugins development team. As part of the website we're running a blog where we'll post opinions, tutorials, and analysis on running a modern Minecraft server in 2021. We plan to be pretty active on this blog, publishing at least 5 posts a month. I...
  10. U

    Tebex / Xenforo user upgrade link

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can create a link between a Tebex(enterprise) shop and a Xenforo forum. More specific; I need that Tebex tells the Xenforo forum to update a user his user-groups. Paid project, amount will be discussed upon contact. Contact me on Discord: Steven#3173
  11. JayMC

    Xenforo license

    Hey! I’m looking to buy a xenforo license. Please DM me if you have one that you’re willing to sell. Thank you!
  12. Bronze

    Xenforo & Tebex Custom Theme

    We are looking for a nice and clean custom Xenforo & Tebex theme that will intergrate with each other. Please contact me via Discord @ Bronze#0001
  13. DaShirt

    TeamSpeak Verification with xenForo 1.5

    XenForo TeamSpeak Verification This small websites allows your registered xenForo users to get a group on your TeamSpeak-Server Installation Unzip the file and upload everything to your webspace Import the SQL-File to your Database Change the config file under inc/config.inc.php Your xenForo...
  14. R


    Hello I am looking for someone to create me a website design/theme the successful candidate/team will have full knowledge and successful work beforehand. I do not have discord if people could send me a email with links/prices Email address: [email protected] Thanks
  15. Jucey Drop

    XENFORO Ubuntu 16.04 Error

    Does any one know how to fix this error while installing ZipArchive for addons on xenforo? Error Below Cannot install from archive as not all required directories are writable. Various directories must be writable by the web server user to install from an archive. In addition to the XF root...
  16. PenguinV2

    Selling xenforo license

    selling xenforo licance bought from the xenforo site selling due not using it anymore (no time) PenguinV2#5985 100$
  17. Citrus Design

    [BUYCRAFT/TEBEX] Orion Minecraft Buycraft/Tebex Theme Mobile Responsive Editable 1.0

  18. F

    ThemeHouse Themes (UI.X 2) and Addons (XF2 & XF1) [100$+ worth]

    Hey! I'm selling my ThemeHouse.com account with various XenForo 2 (+ XF1) Themes and Addons. The highlight is definitely UI.X 2 Dark with the Nodes Addon! XF2: XF1: - Material Theme - Covers Addon Proof of ownership: (left tab) The XF2 licenses still have a update license until next week.
  19. Citrus Design

    [XENFORO] Orion Minecraft Theme Mobile Responsive Easy Editable %15 DISCOUNT Fixed Miner Bugs

    Litebans Added! Go to updates page for image. Demo: https://orion.citrusdesign.me
  20. DV8FromTheCode

    Looking for Website Manager

    I am looking for someone who can work on and maintain my Xenforo website including themes, plugins, etc. I will be paying for this service of course. You must be active and have a good reputation in order to be considered. I am hoping to have someone who can work long-term on this. You can...
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