1. Z


    Youtubers Requirements In terms of basic requirements, we request that you: Have at least 1000 Subscribers Have a steady and consistent viewership Factions Minecraft content (Factions not a high priority) Has a discord with their own community in it Only comment your discord below, if you fit...
  2. Moises Barrera

    Late notice streamers/youtubers

    Hey i am NotRaFe owner for nemesis network, we are currently looking for streamers and youtubers to record today. For our release at 2 pm est (factions) . If you're interested add me on discord NotRaFe#9019
  3. Moises Barrera

    Youtubers and Streamers for Factions server

    Hello, i am looking for youtubers and streamers for my beta release on the 26th. Feel free to contact me on discord NotRaFe#9019
  4. ChummyFu

    Youtubers/Streamers NEEDED to Promote AmbrosialCraft

  5. Ahmeddinhos

    MeteoritePvP |Looking for YouTubers/Partnerships [PAID]

    MeteoritePvP MetoeritePvP is an upcoming casual Factions server packed with interesting features. We're looking for talented and dedicated content creators to promote our release. Requirements In terms of basic requirements, we request that you: Have at least 100 Subscribers/Followers...
  6. Ahmeddinhos

    MeteoritePvP | Looking for YouTubers/Partnerships [PAID]

    MeteoritePvP MetoeritePvP is an upcoming Cosmic Test server packed with interesting features. We're looking for talented and dedicated content creators to promote our release. Requirements In terms of basic requirements, we request that you: Have at least 100 Subscribers/Followers (depending...
  7. MediaManager

    YouTubers Looking for Server Partnerships / Sponsorships!
  8. YaBoiGrizz


    SKYMANAGEMENT SkyManagement is a team of professional marketers who would be pleased to assist owners and managements with their server’s growth. Thats why we are creating this thread! We are currently looking to expand our youtube, twitch, titkok, insta contact list! So we are looking for...
  9. MediaManager

    (Paid) Minecraft YouTubers Looking for Partnerships!

    Minecraft YouTubers Looking to get Partnered on Servers! Henex Subscriber count: 7.000 Records on: Skyblock, Prison, OneBlock, Factions, HCF, Practice, Survival. Average views per video upload: 1000-2000 Average views per trailer upload: 250-500 Pricing Discussed in Discord: Henex#2869 Channel...
  10. C

    Get paid to advertise my server!

    Do you get 250+ views on your video constantly? Or know anyone who does. And interested in making some money for playing on my server? Msg me on discord for more info 255OneShotNuke#9008
  11. C

    Looking for small youtubers to join my server!

    I'm looking for small youtubers to join my newly made server where you will get paid $5 for each video you make on the server (more depending on your views) the server includes 2 game modes at the moment which are factions and skyblock! The minimum requirements are at least 250+ views on your...
  12. A

    Hiring youtubers for a skyblock server

    Looking to hire youtubers to our new Skyblock server, with at least 2.5k subscribers. Contact via discord - AdirYad#0001
  13. E5r

    [] ⭐ Looking for Streamers

    [] Drank is a new Soup/KitPvP server that is releasing this Wednesday (Aug 25th) @ 6PM EST. We are simply looking for streamers that can stream on release, and help advertise our server. Here's what we are interested in: Youtubers TikTok Creators Streamers Contact Us If you are...
  14. Joelmatic

    Looking for small Youtubers/Streamers

    What is Maticsky? Here at MaticSky, we offer an All-New Minecraft Skyblock experience from the way we run the Minecraft server to countless other stuff! Some of the stuff to get hyped for is ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ --- Is top rewards! --- Stunning starter islands (3 different types !) ---...
  15. Liquid_Eagle

    Looking for a YouTuber / streamer with a decent viewer count.

    Looking for a social media influencer to promote my server. INFORMATION: This server is a remake of an old classical prison called TitanMC. I am looking for youtubers / streamers to promote this server that preferably have a viewer base who have the same interest in these types of servers...
  16. L

    [️] Skyblock Network - Looking for youtubers []

    Hey I'm Leeswellenguran an Admin for an upcoming Skyblock network and I'm looking to recruit small unpaid YouTubers for our network releasing Saturday, July 3rd 2 PM EST We aren't offering payment as of right now but you will be given a youtube rank straight off and we could consider payment in...
  17. TheOneTruSeeker

    Skyblock & Survival Beta Testers / Media Persons

    StoneAge Skyblock & Prisons! StoneAge is a new Competitive Skyblock and Prisons server. Skyblock is said to be released within the next couple weeks (As of May 10th 2021). Prisons is announced to follow-up. Beta Testers StoneAge is looking for dedicated, interested and active Beta Testers to...
  18. Jasmine


  19. Sethh

    English Youtubers ONLY!

    Hello, my name is Seth. I run a survival server called RoyaltyRealms My server is a semi-vanilla survival-based server with custom models, blocks, & items to enhance the player's experience. We are looking for 3 YouTubers anywhere from 1k-100k+ to record a minimum of 3 videos. Payouts will be...
  20. MAKdwemon

    Looking for Youtubers - Survival, GTA, BattleRoyale

    Looking for youtubers to advertise our Java Edition Minecraft Server. Its fairly new and growing fast, with an incredible community. We try to provide unique gamemodes and experience to our players. What do you get? A Youtuber rank that has donator permissions, and a discord channel where you...
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