1. mindburned

    | Verrckt - CLASSIC ZOMBIE MAP | 1.0

    Verrückt GENERAL INFORMATION This map is from the game Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Zombies. The map is more big than Nacht Der Untoten. The map has a lot of autentic original rooms from the game and has some the perks like juggernog , quickrevive , doubletap , mulekick and speedcola and 3 mystery...
  2. mindburned

    | Thumber Town - Zombie Map | 1.0

    Thumber Town! GENERAL INFORMATION Thumber town is a new medium-long size urban-themed map oriented in a zombie apocalypse where you have a new challenge to beat in this minigame!! .It contains all the perks and also has 3 mystery boxes along the map with also the improvement pack a punch .this...
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