1. B

    Developer (Web + MC) (Worked on servers with 1k+ players)

    Hey! I'm looking for some work, it may be freelancing or part-time/full-time. I'm open to all options. Here are my basic skills: 4yrs+ experience with Java & Spigot & NMS 3yrs+ HTML/CSS/JavaScript 1yr+ Python (For possible web development) 4yrs+ experience with Maven & Git Past Servers...
  2. Elb1to

    FrozedSumo [Open Source] - Queues Stats Best Of 1 & 3 2.7

    Description: FrozedSumo is basically a Practice plugin, but only for Sumo! What does this mean? This means that this plugin can be used to play 1v1 Sumo matches in Bo1 (Best of 1) and Bo3 (Best of 3) formats at the moment. More stuff will be added in the future. Requirements: Java 8 UNIX Based...
  3. StartGaming

    Make src to .jar Practice Plugin

    Hey can someone make a .jar of this open source practice plugin : https://github.com/tetelie/AiryPractice Its a very cool practice plugin so if someone create a jar of this of a tutorial to import/export it in eclipse. Sorry for my english. Thanks
  4. joeleoli

    [SALE] Praxi Revamped - Leaderboards - Parties - Player Events - BuildUHC, Sumo, Parkour Support

    Praxi was previously sold on another thread but it has been re-written and updated. Previous customers will not get this version for free, but if you're interested in purchasing again, you will get a discount. Praxi comes with a free copy of Zoot and SpigotX as Praxi depends on both. Purchase...
  5. joeleoli

    Several Big $ Projects' Re-sell Rights

    I'll be on vacation for the next month, so I'll be pretty inactive. I've sold most of these projects on MC-Market and they've made quite a bit of money, so with a little bit of work and proper management, somebody could make some serious money. I'm going to allow someone to purchase the re-sell...
  6. joeleoli

    ✨ Praxi ✨ Leaderboards - Parties - Player Events - BuildUHC, Sumo, Parkour Support - Arena Generator

    Price Source: $150 Re-sell: $350 What you get: Praxi source code (this plugin) Zoot source code (punishments, ranks, staff utils) SpigotX source code (entity utils, kb profiles) Contact Contact me on telegram at joeleoli. Praxi This plugin supports any kind of kits, like NoDebuff, BuildUHC...
  7. joeleoli

    ✨ Nucleus ✨ Global/Server Ranks - Punishments - Staff Utils - Player Lookup

    Nucleus The essentials for any server. Ranks, punishments, staff and chat utilities, and several libraries commonly used for working on any type of server. Supports per-server ranks and global ranks, rank inheritance, permissions, which can all be edited in-game. Has all types of punishments...
  8. StayInc L

    Core (Punishments, Ranks, Staff Utils, Utils and other things)

    Yo, so, i need a core like minemen/zonix with all utils command, for staff and users, redis support, punishments and the ranks... Addons for core: /color Pm me on telegram if you can code this core for me (@staylords) *I need it for personal purpose as well*
  9. cunjur

    $3 Autoclicker. Bypasses Zonix Client!

    bypasses keystrokes, zonix, mmc, velt, faithful, screenshares so cheap cause it's just a clicker w/ jitter [Video] https://streamable.com/qtoht selling for a friend. he's only wanted to sell 10 copies so cop quick. 2/10 and i'll give one vc to someone 10+ rep 1/1 any questions contact me...
  10. K


    Many People are saying the "Java based clicker" is leaked. Therefore I am changing it to a different clicker. If you need proof of it begin a diffrent clicker pm me. Still same price and mostly the same features Selling multiple auto-clickers - Java Based Clicker - Price - 10 Dollars...
  11. NoFamilyLol

    Paying Someone To Code A Program For Me, Its For Minecraft

    Hello, I am here in search of a good programmer that can easily code minecraft clients. Not Hacked Clients but clients like Cheatbreaker, Badlion client and Zonix Client. I am willing to pay about $10-20 USD For anyone to code a Minecraft client for me. To get in touch with me email me at...
  12. Landon

    Aerix.us • Practice Server [Exclusive] • Files, Domain, Art, EVERYTHING

    Preface: I was planning on making a PracticePVP server, but I just don't feel like putting tons of money into a server that potentially will die. I don't have the money to pay for advertisements or anything of that sort; so that's why I'm selling. I'm hoping the buyer will be able to make Aerix...
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