CloudUniverse Network - Small Playerbase/4 Games To Choose From!

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  1. Livers_Market

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    >>- Welcome to CloudUniverse! ->>

    We are a small and unique server that may be appealing to many! So far we have 4 gamemodes including Factions, SkyBlock, Survival, and my favorite, Solar Apocalypse.

    Solar Apocalypse: During the day you will burn and so will animals, so try to survive without the sun shining on you. During the night, you will freeze. So make sure you huddle up next to some torches to stay warm!

    Factions: Create a huge base and attack other factions and claim your faction as the best and the biggest!

    Skyblock: Create a nice and cozy island where you can play with friends or just have a nice quiet place to play and enjoy!

    Survival: Create a base and make sure its hidden so you don't get griefed!
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    This is mainly a forums for server owners or Minecraft service providers. This probably won't help you get players on.
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    I don't think a lot of people will come on your server and actually play it, but gl.
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