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Remove Web Design and Development from Minecraft Section

Discussion in 'Declined Suggestions' started by Vagor, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Vagor

    Vagor Member Premium

    Remove the Web Design and Development section from the Minecraft section. It doesn't really have much to do with Minecraft. It would fit better under "Misc. Marketplace"
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  2. Croc

    Croc Member Supreme Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: Crockr
    It has everything to do with Minecraft Servers. Do you not realize that almost every Minecraft server has a website?
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  3. Hurt

    Hurt Member Supreme Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: DaFriendlySentry
    This website is related to minecraft. Kappa
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  4. TChimp

    TChimp Aspiring Business Owner. Banned

    Minecraft Accounts: Diverging
    Banned Forever For: PayPal chargeback on account upgrade.
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  5. Elcro

    Elcro Web Designer Supreme Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: Elcro
    Woah there, so you just want to cut off my business? Along with all the other web developers on here???

    Gee thanks man.
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  6. 1amDev

    1amDev Designer & Developer Supreme Premium

    Hey there,

    Web design and development is mostly what I offer and it has a ton to do with Minecraft. Most Minecraft servers will never make it without a nice website and a community forum.

    Also, MCM itself is a website. To get rid of this service here on MCM is completely ridiculous and I'm not sure why you would want to. It's needed in many many aspects of Minecraft. 9/10 websites that I make have something to do with Minecraft and have found me through MCM. By taking this off, you would be killing my business along with many other web developers.

    To be honest, I find your point of "it's not related" completely invalid. You obviously don't understand what it takes to have a successful server or community in Minecraft. A website is practically essential.

    I disagree with this suggestion and I'm sure many others will because it's completely incorrect and will kill off many buisnesses here on MCM. I even pay MCM for my sticky thread on the forum every week so it'll also hurt them.

    Best regards,
    Michael // 1amDev
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  7. SoldierAlex

    SoldierAlex Well-Known Member Supreme Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: SoldierAlex
    I think it's more about visibility rather than appropriate category. I do, however, agree that it would fit in with the miscellaneous market section because websites are not limited to minecraft. But like I said before, it's more about it being visible.
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