[Axis Network] Looking for youtubers to recording on our server.

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by KrizzDawg, May 18, 2016.

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  1. KrizzDawg

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    Hello, I am the developer of Axis Network. We currently have a playerbase of about 20-40 daily.
    we are looking for youtuber to record on the server and help it grow.

    Skype: KrizzDawg
    Please send me a message stating that you are from mc-market.
    Thank you, KrizzDawg.

    What is AxisNetwork?
    AxisNetwork is a factions server with many unique features, custom plugins, and much more. The server was created by Voust & CrashinMC, they wanted to start a fun factions server that was mainly based on PvP.

    Some of our Unique features?
    1. Custom Enchants.
    Custom enchants is a very fun way to keep a player busy.
    Custom Enchants allows you to have special abilities on your gear used for PvP, also base building. With our custom enchants system you have to grind mobs and get EXP in order to get custom enchants to put on your gear.

    How much will you be paid?

    We will discuss your payment after we see your channel, and you have contacted us via skype. The revenue may be smaller based on smaller channels, but as for the larger channels may have a higher revenue.

    The payment may be based on your channel support & The support to the server from your channel.

    You will be paid per 3 videos.
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    Speaking of the name "Axis", I used to own a server called "Axis MC". It was very short-lived. I sold the domain a while back.
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