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Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Crispy, May 20, 2016.

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  1. Crispy

    Crispy Member Premium

    Pretty dang simple - at least I think -

    Want the GUI to look like this:

    top row you can left click to sell 1 and right click to sell 10
    bottom row is the same but to buy
    the yellow pane shows your balance

    Some command to create a NPC on the location looking

    A hologram with configurable message above the NPC

    Blocks/Minerals price configurable

    Thats basically it.
    I use essentials eco

    I do not give what I am willing to pay because the devs of the plugin should know better based on difficulty.

    Will not pay first unless your rep is high enough.

    Add me on skype: mabsgb If you add me on skype, comment "Added you - my skyp is ____" or PM me that same message
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  2. Arshi

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  3. TheRealDan

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    In my signature is a plugin called ItemShop - It can be confugured to do exactly what you describe here, everything is customizeable.

    The only thing my plugin wont do is allow you to create a npc with a custom name - However ItemShop will happily attatch shops to any entity you can get through other plugins etc.

    Feel free to PM (or Skype) me if you have questions etc.

    EDIT: ItemShop doesnt have taxes, although I could look at implementing that (As I do maintain my resources, bugs and feature requests).
  4. Savvy

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    Contacted: malcomnrgreen is my skype
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