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Before reading,
The best way to contact me is through Skype any other
contact methods may lead to a delayed response.

Why me?
First off, my name is Connor Peticca and I have been developing in various programming languages for about 5 years. 3 of those years were devoted to help improve the Bukkit project. Now that you have a short introduction about myself I can assure you not just some kid that looked at a YouTube video and now thinks the can rewrite Minecraft. I have had deep involvement with the community for the last 2-3 years and have a great understanding of the game. The overlying topic is why choose me?. There's a very simple answer, there are tons of good developers but very few great developers. I consider myself more skilled and more knowledgeable than about 90% of the development community. Not only do I understand the mechanics but I also understand the business side of things. Being in the community for as long as I have you being to understand what players want and what they don't want.

Contact / Previous Work
I can supply you with some examples of previous work if you contact me on Skype. I can boot my test server and give you a quick look at some of my work that no problem at all.

All prices will be discussed over Skype. I can't really give any base prices as every plugin is
different and giving a plugin a price based on size is very idiotic as a small plugin can be more complex and take longer than a large plugin with no complexity.

This thread has been locked.
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