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Dear Reader,
I am here making this thread to inform you all that we will be looking for a possible developer to help us create one of the great Faction Pvp servers in our time. We look forward to be soon hosting one of the most enjoyable servers currently available in the Minecraft server list.
This is my personal dream to do this, And to make this dream come true, we will need a loyal developer who can help us with this project. I am not going to let you go into this blind sited on what you should expect from us and what not to expect. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am currently 16 years of age, and I currently live in Australia. I have run servers before, but have not ran so well to the end. I need a fair bit of knowledge before going into this and I am hoping I can learn a few things from the developer in the mean time. We currently have a $5.00 Minecraft server to play around with and setup plugins and all sorts, I am hoping to learn quickly and get a great and brand new server up quickly.

You might be wondering about payments of some sort for the great work you will soon do. We are offering 7%-10% of donations once the server is operating, as I do not have too much money to start with to you give you a payment, In the long run, this would probably be best for you anyway. We can negotiate if needed to, But we do have a tight budget to work from.

If you are interested in this position, then Please inbox me your Skype,and we will have to interview you quickly to see if you would fit best into what we are trying to do. We are very serious about this project and want to keep this as professional as possible.
Thank you for reading.

Kind Regards,
Jack Griffin.
This thread has been locked.
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