Rules Enforcement.



Enforcing Rules
We have completed our rules, please ensure you
have read them at some point - it's also a nice
guideline too. If somebody is violating
any of the rules, report them at the bottom
of their post, we'll sort it out!

We haven't banned many users and there
are quite a lot of scammers lurking on MC-Market.
A lot of you have complained about this and the
simple answer is that if somebody has good and
bad deals, then we're not able to realistically determine
whether the reporter is lying or were scammed.

We will begin banning more often, however we
would like to keep it to temporary bans from the forum,
at least until the moderators and I can solve
the ongoing issue with scammers, just be
careful and do some research before doing
business. You should do this anyway.

Scam Reports
We're also going to begin working on a scams
system, if you're interested in helping out and are
a web developer (PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS) then
contact me in PM or Skype to be a part of it.

Cloudflare Filter
I know that nobody likes this, but it's there to
protect the website and keep it up - I've
recently changed it to look a bit nicer and
I know that there's an issue with the font size.

We're giving away Premium to members who
are currently premium on MC-Market and who
have over 10 posts on MC-Admin (no time wasting).

You may have noticed that we've removed some
forums from MC-Market and replaced them with
links to MC-Admin, we're going to continue doing
this to keep MC-Market on topic and create another
awesome community eventually!

Except from this, tell me if there's anything on
MC-Admin that discourages you from using it,
I'd love to know and get some feedback.

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