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    Hi, my development team has successfully have had two (2) games Green-lit by Steam and been put on the Steam market.

    STEAM DEVELOPER BADGE EXAMPLE: https://gyazo.com/f405e9f34c517ca8b4c3a3e2808ef682

    Just getting your game verified and being able to get past the Steam Greenlight process is big. Having two games gone past it, and put on the Steam market is great.

    When you get your game past Greenlight and put on the Steam-marketplace you are given a badge, the "Stemworks Developer" badge, marking that you're a game developer to prevent people from claiming they are game developers etc.. This is a exclusive badge that not many people have, and most if they're able to buy at a decent amount! The developer is given access to give these badges out to people who they deem contributed to the game. Therefore we are selling these badges, you will have it forever, as long as you do follow the rules/guidelines we set, which will be below.

    We have a limited supply we will be selling, and you'll be able to get this badge. You'll also get when getting your badge, exclusive developer only wallpapers that are 100% exclusive to those with the badge only.

    We don't have a set price at all. We will go through your Steam profile and determine if you have the right setting profile to have this badge that won't affect us at all. You cannot; use the badge and claim yourself to be the owner of any game, and or use it in order to scam people some how. You may not be doing any malicious activity with it, meaning what i've said above.

    ALL proof WILL be provided via private messages, etc. We will not be giving out any info on the public post, only to people actually interested in the badge. Once we deem you are interested and checking your Steam profile. We will want to talk with you additionally to confirm what you will be doing and knowing that you won't be doing malicious activity with the badge.

    If you are interested in a SteamWorks Developer badge, please contact me via PM, we are not doing too many of these out, and have recently done of these deals successfully. If you do buy one from us, please be sure to post below and vouch for the service.

    -A badge put on your steam account symbolizing you're a game developer, this badge is only exclusive to people that have successfully gotten your game approved by the Steam greenlight process. This badge can act for/relate to being verified on Twitter/social medias. I'm not saying it the same.
    -Exclusive Steam backgrounds only developers have access to!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/rdD2bGn (faster response)
    PM for Skype.

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