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    Hello. Thanks for your time to click on this thread. Firstly i'd like to point out i'm completely new to mc-market, therefore I will need to catch up in some cases, and I intend that you're able to understand the following. Just so I dont waste your time i'd like to mention no im not selling a server yet, only because i'd like to know more about this 'marketplace' respectively. Now i'm guessing you'd like to answer my questions or learn more about me before I do actually start using my spare time into making servers & plugins for others. Currently i'm in 9th grade, and 14 years old. I've uploaded one simple plugin on bukkit because i felt like it, and that was the only time I really publicly posted something i've created for my personal use (the plugin was basic, with a config that pretty much replaced everything i put in, that was my first). Now that you've read the boring stuff, lets get to the actual 'stuff'!

    Question 1. How much do servers that have around 20-50 plugins go for $$ (lets say all the plugins were well configured and no custom plugins, if there are custom plugins how much would it go for if they're small ones?)?
    Lets just say I put 3 weeks of actual working onto the server, 3 weeks as in 7 days worth of working on it times 3 because i worked 7 days on the server straight, three times in a row. :).

    Question 2. When I make a server to sell to people, i'm gonna need names, so can you guys think of unique names?
    I'd like to make people put less effort into renaming the server name in the files (for example essentials motd) and colors.

    Question 3. How does the system for payments work? Is it automated? A button?
    I told you! I'm new to this!!!

    Question 4. Am I allowed to post threads like these that arent actually selling things? I'd like to ask for plugin requests, simple ones just when i have free time.
    Yeah again, i'm new. I'll happily make free plugins, but i dont want to be banned for asking questions, if what im doing right now isnt allowed please do not ban me or stop me from posting!

    Question 5. Does the staff from mc-market have control over what I sell?
    What I mean is like, if I set a certain price range that to them personally or what they've seen from comments found was unfair, would they give me a warning or something (I know it sounds corrupt and something that will never happen but i've met very unfair people before, and i'd like to make sure i'm not going to waste my time into servers that i cant even choose a personal price to sell)? Thats a part of what i mean. Second, say I was going to sell a server that had a premium plugin I paid for and was selling that server, but the buyer didnt officially/legally have the plugin (BlueShop for example from spigot). Would I be forced to remove the sale?

    Okay well uh, I guess my jobs done here, now yours has begun :) I hope that didnt sound rude, i'm pretty much saying thank you, and PLZ answer these questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.