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Discussion in 'Plugins' started by Jettoliver, Apr 9, 2017.

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  1. Jettoliver

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    Hey everyone. I am in need of a smallish plugin. This plugin is a land claiming plugin. Ill be willing to leave a detailed vouch + positive rep. I will not exceed over $10 for this plugin.

    With numerous "special" blocks, a user can place this 'special' block down it will claim an 'X by X' amount of land. Users will be able to claim a certain amount of land claims based on there designated permission.
    E.G. Landclaim.1 = 1 land claim. Landclaim.3 = 3 land claims.

    In the config, or in game there has to be different tiers. Each tier can claim more than the previous tier:
    E.G Iron Block = 10x10 claim blocks, Gold Block = 20x20 claim blocks, Diamond Block = 50x50 claim blocks. When claimed, it claims the radius + all the way to sky limit + down to the last layer of bedrock. These 'tiers' should be configurable and created in the config file.

    There has to be a ranking system inside each land claim. For example, if I have claimed 5 lands using different tiers, ill be able to "trust" players into individual claimed tiers. These trusted players will be able too build and destroy inside the selected tier there allowed in. The only thing they can't break is the claiming block.

    TnT is ALLOWED to break blocks inside claimed areas.

    /Getinfo - This will get the info for the claimed land whilst standing inside of it.
    E.G. /Getinfo : "Tier: 3" "Number: 1"

    /Trust (user) (name of tier you want the user to be trusted)

    /Untrust (user) (name of tier you want the user to be untrusted in)

    claim.landclaim.(number of claims allowed)

    claim.tier.(which tier they are allowed to claim) E.G. claim.tier.1 will give users with that permission to claim land using tier 1. If they had claim.tier.4 they will also be allowed to claim using 4th tier.

    If you have any questions about the plugin please drop them down bellow or send me a PM.
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  2. LordOfTime

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    Good plugin information! This is a good example of how to write a plugin request. That being said, your budget is a bit too low for this plugin, in my opinion. The plugin is not quite as small as you might think. Land claiming isn't an easy thing to do (at least, to do well), and the system that you want for ranking complicates things a bit more on top of that.
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