Need Database issue fixed ASAP

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  1. Dead meme

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    [8:05:58 AM] System Void: The schema.sql file requires plv8 (
    [8:06:22 AM] System Void: I followed the instructions for installing it on Ubuntu, however when I attempt to execute schema.sql again it fails and says it cannot find the language plv8
    [8:06:43 AM] Nick: Do you think a reinstall would work?
    [8:06:44 AM] System Void: I then added their "legacy" configuration entry (for <=9.1) and it doesn't accept connections
    [8:07:03 AM] System Void: I reinstalled PostgreSQL 2 or 3 times
    [8:07:22 AM] System Void: OS reinstall means I'd have to do it all again, and I can't do anymore work within the amount spent
    [8:07:50 AM] Nick: Do you think t would work though?
    [8:07:56 AM] System Void: I don't know
    [8:08:42 AM] System Void: This PostgreSQL stuff is not something I deal with often enough to tell you much
    [8:09:05 AM] System Void: It could be a simple fix, or a difficult one for someone with more experience - I don't know.
    [8:09:16 AM] System Void: I can't figure it out even with Googling (maybe I'm Googling the wrong things)
    [8:09:41 AM] System Void: Everything is there though, other than the database.
    [8:09:50 AM] System Void: So if you can find someone to fix that database issue then you should be good to go.

    Basically: BustABit source code:
    require plv8 (
    their "legacy" config entry for <=9.1 but it doesnt accept connections

    I'd assume this is pretty complicated since the legend Samuel couldnt fix it, so leave your portfolio/past experiences with these sort of errors. I don't want someone that logs into root and thinks they know everything.
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  2. Samuel

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    It's probably not super complicated (could be?). I'm just missing some info about PostgreSQL that would help me with making this work. \_(-?-)_/
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