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    Hello MC-Market, my name is Tricks4Days and I would like to offer my services as a paid or unpaid Plugin/Client or Website Developer for a minecraft network or server. I am fluent in java and I code mostly bukkit/spigot plugins. I do some bungee combined multi-verse plugins as well.

    Information About Me

    Name: Andrew

    Gender: Male

    Age: 14

    Location: United States

    Time Zone: MDT (UTC) -6

    I started off about two years back developing HTML websites for people for a little money. I then owned my own minecraft server and was using a bunch of free plugins. I thought to myself wouldn't be great if I could just developing them myself. Well I already new how to develop HTML how hard would be to use java. I then used what I also new about CSS to teach me how to use java. I then custom HTML coded my own forums company. That went well for about three months and I received almost 4,900 dollars in purchases of my product. I then shut it down due to stress, and I needed a little relief from that. So, then I went into private developing. I did that for a while but did not enjoy that as much as regular developing. So that brings us to about now. I am looking to become a Developer on a server, or work with a group of developers.

    My Qualities

    • Innovative: I am very innovative in my thinking and design. This is very important for coming up with ideas. Or assisting other developers in testing bugs and such things like that.

    • Creative: One of my strengths is coming up with out of this world ideas. I love to rethink the unthinkable and imagine anything. Nobody wants to join a server that has repeated and copied work of other servers. They want to join a server with fresh and new ideas and plugins.

    • Intelligent: I always know how to capture the reader's eye. If this is bringing them to the server, directing them to the shop, or just having them join the teamspeak.

    • Bright: I have a great attitude and will never get down on somebody. If somebody gets down on me. I won’t care. I'll find ways to fix what me/they did wrong.

    • Inspiring: I love to inspire people in all kinds of different ways. If it's a staff member needing help to complete a complicated task or just a member that needs another way to have fun.

    • Friendly: I am very friendly and I know how to capture the attention of others with a great attitude. I will always help them out in times of need or just everyday tasks.

    • Engaging: I am engaging mostly because of my ideas and how I pursue them to actually make my ideas a thing. This is very important to me because if I was not engaging I would be very boring; nobody wants a boring person.


    Thank you so much for reading this everyone. I hope I get to see all of you in my path ahead. Please do not be afraid to contact me with any offers/inquires.

    Contact Info:

    Skype: Tricks4Days

    Email (Best Way To Contact Me): [email protected]

    Tricks4Days on the MC-Market Forums.

    Thanks for reading,

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