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    Hello, My name is bryan and I am currently hoping to find some work.

    I'll do anything that I can for almost any amount of pay.

    1. I can make trailers/edits
    2. I can make you your own texture pack.
    3. I can help you with testing on a server or maybe help you progress your server and make it better. And have a lot of plugins/builds at the tip of my finger (I'm not a developer)
    4. I have a lot of connections and might be able to find you advertisement
    5. I might even invest in something if I believe in it
    I can do much more
    if you need something else I might be able to help just ask.

    I'll promise to give it 100% and get what ever done as quick as possible.

    What do I plan to do with this money?

    I'm hoping to invest what ever I make along with my summer job in a few months and side work into something that will help me in the future. so just know if you do pay for one of my services it's not going to something incredibly stupid like a pair of shoes or something else.
    I'm a very conservative person.
    Thanks for reading!​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.