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Server Manager and Owner
Hello everyone!

I am planning a new server, and I am looking for people to work on it with. I am looking for a Co-Owner (Would receive a % of donations), as well as Developers and Builders (Contact me for more info if your a developer or a builder).

I have the idea for the server, and have been refining it for a long time. I don't want this idea copied or taken until the server is actually online, so I won't be releasing my idea here. If you're interested please contact me.

Skype: pwblais

A little bit about me (You should know who your going to be working with!):
My name is Patrick, but online I go by Potrock. I am 13 years old. If when you read that you frowned for a second, I understand. That isn't the first time I've gotten that. I have been running servers for over 2 years now, and am always learning new things, and overcoming new challenges as they come up. When I started running servers I was horrible. It took me a while to get the hang of config, fixing bugs, and more. 2 years later, I have so much experience under my belt. I have worked and been apart of so many servers, some of which include:
  • DaedricGaming (Co-Owner) (mc-dg.com) (Resigned.)
  • RevivedMC (Owner along with 2 others) (play.revivedmc.com)
  • UnitedNetwork (Admin w/Console) (This was about a year ago, the server has since been sold.)
  • EncorePvP (Owner along with 1 other) (play.encorepvp.net) (Resigned.)
  • And many more, most of which have closed down since they were quite old.
Other than Minecraft, I have had lots of experience running a community and a team. What feels like a lifetime ago, I ran a Minecraft Clan called the "Olympians". This clan was based off of MinecraftForums (Eww, I know) and by the time I closed it, it was one of the largest ones on the forums (At the time.) This clan had over 25 people in it most of the time, and I was the only leader. I managed all team members during time of stress and of excitement. I am good at keeping my cool, and will be strict when necessary.

If your interested in working with me to create an incredible server, add me on skype: pwblais

If you finished reading that post, you rock! Add me on skype: pwblais!


This thread has been locked.
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