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Hello Mc-Market community, I was recently introduced to this website from a friend of mine and since then i have brought many new members to the community.

I run a semi popular server by the name of Rhythm-Networks.
Server has been up for over a year with over 1k donators
I am a very dedicated Server owner in my opinion.

Now for my story :)

I started my MC Journey "i wouldent call it anything less" About 2 years ago.
One of my friends zack showed me a game called "minecraft" When i saw the game i was utterly un-impressed with the lack of detail in the game and just the general idea of the game i just showed no interest in.

After about 2-3 weeks of watching him build homes,Mine,Play online, And just have tons of fun on a game that was legos in my opinion,I quickly became interested in the game.
Coming into the pvp faction community on a server called "cursecraft" I quickly learned and mastered Faction/Soup/PvP.
Having the most fun i have ever had on a video game in my entire life i decided to start up a youtube channel weeks after FIRST starting mc.

I quickly became known for my pvp skills and grew rapidly threw the mc community via cursecraft pvp.
After a few months of recording and posting vids almost everyday me and the previous owners became very close.I would listen to them speak server language for hours and never knew a single thing. But still we were very alike and around the same ago so we got along very well.
Cursecraft pvp during its old days "300-500 players all day" Was Faction pvp at its best. I will to this day stand to that statement. It was the best. But as most of you know. Good things dont last forever xD

long story short the curse craft owners split up "me being moderator" we all kinda went our own ways.
The server stayed up for awhile even though the owners did not get along with eachother anymore the community still stood up for itself and the server pretty much ran itself.

WIth that being said i no longer felt the urge to moderator the server and help the community for the simple fact that the server was going nowhere and all 3 of the owners ignored not only me but all the players.

I then decided to open my own server "knowing nothing" About server box's, Specs, Plugins, Or any of that.
I taught myself threw trial and error "took me awhile to get it up but hey thats besides the point XD"

The server grew rapidly. We quickly upgraded to a dedicated box and the community was starting to be created.

We have had out ups and downs threw the years but i have learned alot, Been fucked over multiple times by "Partners" or staff that have power trips.
The list of errors goes on for years that had to be fixed.

The server has been up for 1 and a half years and is still growing!

With all that being said, I want to introduce myself to mc-market and i just want to let everyone know that if anyone needs any help with plugins, Errors, Or if you just have a simple question.
Ask me.
If i dont know the answer im sure i know someone who does. ;)

For my hobbies i play faction pvp "on an alt" and i am currently recording a pvp faction series.

You can find me on youtube at - Sodafizzle69
Thanks for reading my introduction guys i hope to converse with many of you in the near future.

- Sodafizzle911
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Hi <3
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