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♨ Java Developer

Hi! My name's Tanner Little and I'm a professional Java developer. I have an outstanding track record with many servers as a private developer, as well as many others doing freelance work!

This is my fourth year programming in Java, though before this I was already fluent with other object oriented languages such as C.

I've worked with many servers as a private plugin developer, and most of my plugins are private, though I can give you examples on Skype upon request. I currently work as a Developer for Mineverse and WoodyCraft, both 2000 average player servers. I have a lot of experience manipulating the Bukkit API to create anything you can think of.

I can complete lots of advanced tasks with it that only a handful of developers can complete including NMS code and packets. With this much experience in the language and API's, I can make the impossible happen.


Email » [email protected]
Web »
Skype » TannerLittle54

Minigames: Game examples and add-ons.
· PvP Games: from 1v1 to an infinite amount of teams.
· Capture the flag.
· Domination: capture zones to get points and win the game.
· Human Hunt: 1 Hunter (equiped) vs Team of Survivors (unarmed).
· Races: normal races, pig rider races with multiple maps to choose.
· Minigame possibilites are endless.

· Teleporting: teleport players inside/outside the game or between various points.
· Team Balance: game will not start unless the teams are balanced.
· Be-Ready System: game will not start unless all players are ready; by clicking a sign, entering a command, etc.
· Inventory Saving: Players can enter the game with a kit of items and then recover their inventory.
· Map Voting or Selection: choose various arenas made by you to teleport your players there or let them vote to select them.

Hardcore Survival: This kind of plugin grants a tempban system, based on several factors.
· You can give lives to players and they'll get banned if they run out of lives.
· You can give/remove lives to them with simple commands.
· You can give ethem different permissions to choose how much time they should get banned until they can rejoin again instead of a predefined amount of time for all players.
· Players can see how much time they have left to enter again into the server.

Command Managing: That involves commands and all their possible uses.
· Force the player to execute commands.
· Make the console execute commands in certain events.
· Add/Modify/Restrict Commands (You can create alias, execute other commands instead of the written one, add cooldowns to commands, set prices for commands, etc)

Server Messages: That involves all Server Messages.
· Add/Modify First Join/Recurrent Join/Logout Messages.
· Add/Modify Player Death Messages.
· Add new Server Messages for certain events.

Economy Plugins: You can use the economy in many ways.
· Give players rewards in Games, by Killing Mobs, Finding Treasures, etc.
· Use economy to buy/sell items, experience, kits, permissions, powers, etc.
· Use economy to enter certain games, use certain items, teleports, etc.
· Lottery Plugins.
· Bank Plugins.
· Auction Plugins.
Chat Channels: This is usually a feature inside other plugin to complement it.
· Separate Chat Channels for Games.
· Separate World Chat Channels.
· Separate Clan/Party Chat Channels.
· Personal Chat Channels.
· Personal Messaging Channels.

Combat Enchancements: Important part for PvP or Survival Servers.
· Headshots (Bows), which does more damage than normal when hitting in the head.
· Critical Hits: Add a chance to make more damage or apply to the victim dizzy effects, bleeding, etc.
· Crippling Shots/Hits: slow the victim by hitting their legs.
· Special Effects: poison, fire, slow, bleeding, explosion, thunders, lauch player, etc.

Player Dynamics Management: That involves ALL things that a player can do.
· Modify/Restrict Chat Messaging: (Block messages, change messages, add Prefix/Suffix, etc.)
· Modify/Restrict Block Place/Break/Modify(Signs)
· Modify/Restrict Player Movement (Move, run, jump, sneak, etc)
· Modify Player Vitals (health, breath, hunger, damage, etc)

World Dynamics Management: That involves ALL world enviroment Events and Actions.
· Change Time/Weather.
· Strike Thunders.
· Generate Explosions.
· Spawn Mobs.

Hooking to other plugins: Sometimes you need the API of another plugin.
· WorldGuard: WG regions are really useful for some kinds of plugins.
· WorldEdit: Used in many WG methods.
· Vault: economy hooking, permissions...
· AntiGriefPrevention.
· Votifier: Vote listeners are the most demanded hooked plugins kind!
· TagApi: for colouring player name tags.
· TabApi: to modify TabList.
· BarApi: to utilize the boss bar.
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