-== Fully Custom Coded Network Needs Creative Director / Developer! ==-

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Greetings! My name is Mark, and i would like to start up a fully custom coded network, but unfortunately I do not have the skills to create a custom plugin. So today i'm asking for YOUR help! I would require a Creative Director. Below you will be able to read the requirement, payment, and what your job would be. I have already acquired a Director or Server Development(developer/system admin) so you won't be working alone. :)

Creative Director info:


As Creative Director you will be creating most of the plugins, games, gadgets etc. You will be working alongside the Director of Server Development, assist him with some of the database management, and he will assist you creating plugins. You will come up with some of the games, and lead the build team too. If a mini game will be created, you will instruct the build team what to make. You will be correcting the build team applications too until we promote a builder who will correct them.


I'm not looking to HIRE people, i would like to PARTNER up with people who would fulfil the role.


You must understand Bukkit API
You must be able to work with Spigot & Bungee Cord
You must be able to create mini game levelled plugins
You must be good with Java
You must be mature
You must speak english fluently
You must be able to work alone and in teams
You must be 15 years old or older to apply
You must have Skype
You must have an Enjin account
You need to be creative
You need to be a good leader
You need to be able to manage a dedicated server

If you are interested PM me, or add me on Skype: markozym​
This thread has been locked.
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