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Hello guys!

My name is _Advantage and i'd like to offer you guys server management for the lowest price possible. I know a lot about setting up plugin configs, but I don't know how to custom code them. I am great at diagnosing lag issues and work hard to learn new stuff every day to share with my clients.

I am a 13 year old minecraft addict who just wants to help the community out, many of you are probably asking yourself's "why would I hire a 13 year old to help run my server?" Because I know a lot more then a minecraft server newbie. which is what my main purpose is, to help minecraft server newbies who can't quite figure out all the basics of making a server.

I haven't worked with any servers yet but I own one of my own (not to big I have experience with certain sizes of servers, I was mod on badlion a while ago, which is 10x bigger then the normal server. and I also run a smaller server. So big small, I can cover you!

My Rates Are:

Config Setup's: $2-5 Depending on difficulty
Full server setup: (Small Server: $10 Medium Server: $15-20) (Huge Server: $35-50)
Full server management: (This means I will trouble shoot things in-game for you like lag) $5-10 depending on task
Just Plain Management: (I will run your server with you as a co-owner/administrator, I will help with anything you need, such as maintaining the server while your gone, keep in mind that I own my own server that I need to populate) $35-50 Per month

I hope you guys enjoy. And if you are interested in my helping you out on your server, feel free to comment or add me on skype: xmpri.minecraft

Best Regards,

Keith | _Advantage
This thread has been locked.
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