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  1. Nort721

    Nort721 AntiCheat Developer Supreme Premium

    "who purposely cheats his friend, cannot cheat his god"

    Note that GodsEye still Beta so bugs are expected!

    What is GodsEye
    GodsEye is an Advanced Modern Cheat Detection System.
    GodsEye's main goal is to detect cheaters without taking too much of your server resources while not interrupting your player's experience on the server

    Version Compatibility
    1.8 1.10 1.11. 1.12 1.13 1.14

    note that some checks may get automatically disabled in certain versions, these checks will be pointed out in the rest of the page

    Official Supported software
    Note: some other spigot forks may work just fine

    you can report us issues on GodsEye's official issue tracker:
    You can also contact us on discord for more questions

    Test GodsEye Yourself
    At the Official Test Server

    Powered by UniqueHost

    What can GodsEye do?
    - [Hack] - (Check)
    • Reach - (Reach (3.3))
    • Criticals - (Criticals)
    • Killaura - (Killaura/BadPackets)
    • GhostAura - (Killaura)
    • LegitAura - (Killaura/AutoClicker)
    • ForceField - (Killaura)
    • ClickAura - (Killaura)
    • Multiaura - (Killaura)
    • HitBox - (Killaura)
    • PingSpoof - (PingSpoof/BadPackets)
    • Types of AutoClicker - (Killaura/AutoClicker)
    • Types of TriggerBot - (Killaura/AutoClicker)
    • AimAssist - (Killaura/AimAssist)
    • Fightbot - (Speed/Kilaura/Reach/BadPackets)
    • TpAura - (NoFall/Speed/Killaura/Reach/BadPackets/Timer)
    • FastBow - (FastBow/Timer)
    • Regen - (Regen/Timer)
    • NoSwing - (NoSwing)
    • GodMode - (BadPackets)
    • InventoryHit - (InventoryActions/BadPackets)
    • AntiKnockback - (Knockback)
    • Keepsprint - (Killaura)

    • Flight - (Fly/Speed/Move/BadPackets)
    • Glide - (Fly/Move)
    • JetPack - (Fly/Speed/Move)
    • NoClip - (Fly/BadPackets)
    • VClip - (Fly/BadPackets)
    • AirJump - (Fly/Move)
    • Longjump - (Fly/Speed/Move)
    • Speed - (Speed/Timer)
    • BunnyHop - (Speed/Timer)
    • Timer - (Timer)
    • Teleport - (Speed/Move)
    • ClickTeleport - (Speed/Move)
    • InventoryMove - (InventoryActions)
    • Types of Derp - (BadPackets)
    • Sneak - (BadPackets)
    • Headless - (BadPackets)
    • NoFall - (NoFall/Timer/Move)
    • WaterWalk/Jesus - (Move)
    • Spider - (Fly/Move)
    • NoSlowDown - (Move)

    • InventoryChat - (InventoryActions)

    • Scaffold - (Scaffold/Tower/BadPackets)
    • Tower - (Tower/Timer)
    • EggBreaker - (ImpossibleActions)
    • BedBreaker - (ImpossibleActions)
    • GhostHand - (NoSwing)

    • Damage indicator (Damage Spoofer (only in 1.8.x))

    • ChestStealer - (ChestStealer)
    • SkinBlinker - (BadPackets)
    • FastEat - (Timer)
    • CustomPayload - (BadPackets)
    • Types of AutoFish - (AutoFish)

    Know that this list is not full and there are probably some more hacks that are blocked by these checks since these checks are built to scan the player's behavior and detect if it's legitimate or not

    GodsEye's Hack Detection
    GodsEye makes sure to keep its checks/detection systems up to date and working against the most modern advanced hack clients but also keeps the server's performance in a good state while also making sure to not false ban laggy players, GodsEye takes your legit players experience to the first priority.

    here in GodsEye's development, we like to give YOU the option to choose, GodsEye's configuration file is very big and full with different settings and options but in the same time it's user-friendly and easy to use

    GodsEye need's the latest ProtocolLib to run
    GodsEye works only for supported versions of SpigotMC (written above)

    GodsEye is not supporting any plugin that modifies players movement or combat mechanics, any other plugins are supported but if you are not sure if the plugin you use is compatible, feel free to contact me before buying. also if you have a plugin that you want us to make special support for you can ask me in a pm and if I will see that it's worth and possible to support it we will add special support for it
    Current special support plugins:
    - EggwarsX
    - ViaVersion
    - PlaceHolderAPI

    - Download the plugin
    - Drag and drop the plugin into your plugin directory
    - make sure your server version is supported and install protocolLib
    - Restart the server
    - Enjoy!

    When You're Testing!
    if you want to test the plugin make sure that you
    enable the verbose alerts (by using /ge verbose) since some times GodsEye does detects the hacker but it won't act yet since it wants to collect more information about the hacker before punishing him and you can see if GodsEye has detected it or not only by viewing the verbose alerts

    Smart Notification System - The verbose system allows you to see information about every violation given in real-time, but if you prefer to still get information but without getting spammed in the chat, you can use GodsEye's second alerts system which sends reports every time a player reaches half of the max violations of a check.
    LightWeight - Coded to be optimized and makes sure to make a single check to block a lot of hacks instead of making a new check for every hack, and makes sure to obfuscate with minimal performance impact as possible while still protecting the code from hack client developers, so if you are not running your server on a potato setup you should be fine.
    Fully Automated - GodsEye is completely automated and can detect and punish hackers by itself, just make sure to configure it correctly to work good in your server and you're ready to go!
    Inventory GUI's - GodsEye handles all the data for you in GUI's to make your life easier, all of the features are in a GUI, such as the hackerfinder, checks controls, ac settings, banwave list and more...
    Punishment System - GodsEye lets you run every command you want when the player should be kicked/banned which means GodsEye works with every third-party punishment system but it's not dependent on them
    Highly Configurable - All the features can be found on the config file and can be changed/turned ON and OFF includes all the checks and the messages timers and more
    Ban Waves System - punish a large number of players at the same time, good for big servers and preventing bypasses
    Advanced HackerFinder System - GodsEye collects information for you about players who are highly suspected for hacking and show's it in a GUI, so if you weren't there when the player hacked you can still know about every suspected action he did, godseye shows this data in a profile GUI for every player which can be entered by the hackerfinder GUI or with a command
    BanLogs System - GodsEye creates a banlog for every player it bans so you know about GodsEye's actions in all times and sees some information about the banning such as the ping of the player before getting banned how high the TPS on the server was and more, and its all showed in a nice GUI (can be found on the player's profile GUI)
    Stable checks - GodsEye makes sure to keep the checks stable and not make an over-aggressive check that will do more damage than benefits that prevent things like lagback/tp back from happening, but if a check is found to be useful but pretty aggressive you will always have the option to make it less aggressive or disable it on the config file
    Ban effects - GodsEye has three cool ban effects that you can enable or disable, But Use Them! they are awesome,:cool: but remember that you can always make your own ban effects with the developer API, more information about the developer API can be found below.
    Unique detections - Although GodsEye uses detection methods there are known to be successful, GodsEye tires to come up with unique detection techniques and ideas that way once we come up with a new detection it won't be bypassed easily with hack modules like Fly - (Hypixel mode)
    Developer API - Our developer API lets users who are developers to inject to godseye systems and lets them have godseye as their advanced detection tool for their servers, the API full of useful features which give tons of flexibility and potential

    Wait I found a bypass / false positive what do I do now
    if you found one of these two problems you should report it to the issue tracker and contain as much information in your report as possible: , also if you have any other question about GodsEye you can join the Discord server, our team will be more than happy to help you with everything you need.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Ban Effects
    Number - 1:
    Guardians Can See Everything!

    Number - 2:
    The Lightning Of The Gods!
    Number -3:


    Commands & Permissions
    /GodsEye - /ge
    - GodsEye reload : GodsEye.command.reload
    - GodsEye ControlPanel/cp : GodsEye.command.controlpanel
    - GodsEye verbose : GodsEye.command.verbose
    - GodsEye help :
    - GodsEye tps : GodsEye.command.tps
    - GodsEye profile <player> : GodsEye.command.profile
    - GodsEye ping <player> :
    More Permissions
    - GodsEye.admin - get all permissions
    - GodsEye.notify - get reports about everything
    - GodsEye.bypass - GodsEye will not check a player with this
    - GodsEye.bypass.<check> - Bypass a specific check
    - GodsEye.bypass.<check>.<world> - Bypass a specific check in a specific world
    - GodsEye.gui.acsettings
    - GodsEye.gui.checks
    - GodsEye.gui.hackerfinder
    - GodsEye.gui.banwave

    Configuration File
    Pro Configuration Tip - if you enable the Tp back options in Fly or AirWalk set the max violations much lower since when these options are enabled the hacker will gain violations much slower and there is almost no chance of false positives.
    The default configuration file:

    Developer API

    private GodsEyeAPI api = new GodsEyeAPI();
    - public int getPing(Player p)
    - public double getServerTPS()
    - public void summonGuardiansCanSeeEverything(Player target)
    - public void summonTheLightningOfTheGods(Player target)
    - public void summonSwordFall(Player target)
    - public int getGroundDistance(Player p)
    - public void enableCheck(CheckType t)
    - public void disableCheck(CheckType t)
    - public int getViolationLevel(Player p, CheckType t)
    - public void addViolations(Player p, CheckType t, int amount)
    - getPluginVersion();
    - runCheckOnPlayer(CheckType type, Event event);[/FONT]

    API Example
    private GodsEyeAPI api;
    public void onEnable() {
        this.api = new GodsEyeAPI();
        Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);
    public void onViolations(GodsEyePlayerViolationEvent e) {
        Player player = e.getPlayer();
        CheckType checkType = e.getCheckType();
        if (checkType.equals(CheckType.SPEED)) {
            if (e.getViolationCount() >= 25) {
                System.out.println("Player has reached 25 in speed check");
    public void onPunish(GodsEyePunishPlayerEvent e) {
        Player player = e.getPlayer();
        System.out.println(player.getName() + " has been " + e.getPunishType() + " for " + e.getCheckType());
    public void onReport(GodsEyeReportEvent e) {
        Player player = e.getPlayer();
        CheckType type = e.getCheckType();
        int violationsCount = e.getViolationCount();
        System.out.println(player.getName() + " has been reported for " + type + ", ServerTPS: " + api.getServerTPS());

    Plugin Agreement (TOS)
    By purchasing this plugin you agree to the following.
    - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
    - You are not allowed to decompile/deobfuscate this plugin
    - You are not allowed to send this plugin to anyone
    - You are not allowed to modify this plugin in any form
    - You will not receive any refunds after purchasing
    - You will not file a chargeback dispute, or perform any similar action. Doing so will result in your license revoked along with further action from MC Market (chargebacks will most likely get you banned!)

    Opinions of our most recent buyers

    Proof of code

    More Information
    To purchase GodsEye Premium or ask any questions/concerns about it
    contact us on discord:


    Price(lifetime): 15.90$
    Description: The full version of GodsEye activated on full power contains all features and detections and gets updated regularly you can find this version on the test server, GodsEye Premium Can be purchased on SpigotMC:

    Price(month): X
    Description: still in development (purchase will be available only to premium buyers)

    Please do NOT trash this thread, only post here if you have used GodsEye, any other questions/concerns/also test server questions will be handled in our discord server.
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  2. Ghast

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    GodsEye in my eyes (hahahahahaha) is a pretty decent anticheat. It detects a good amount of blatant hacks however is more based on verbose than actually warnings, so it'd fit in the "beta" or "Dev version" category. It's a solid anticheat for any servers. I recommend it.
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  3. KitEvent

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  4. RealSwitches

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    looks good
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  5. OP

    Nort721 AntiCheat Developer Supreme Premium

    Just to make things clear, GodsEye has two types of notifications, you have the verbose messages and you also have thing we call reports, while verbose messages are mainly useful for development/testing they are not meant to be enabled when moderating and such, for that we have the report alerts which look like this:
    You can configure these reports to be sent when you please, I hope that this clears up everything since I saw that we didn't really explain this on the page itself.
    Thank you all for the feedback!
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  6. BVFDora

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    Isn’t this against the rules? He has 2 threads for the same plugin, both threads literally contain the same shit.
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  7. UltraPanda

    UltraPanda Member

    Why're you testing your anticheat with a outdated client. And Vape Fly/Crits almost every anticheats can detect it.
    Is it really a good anticheat?
  8. OP

    Nort721 AntiCheat Developer Supreme Premium

    Well since I have started developing on spigot where you don't sell plugins in threads like here but only on a page I didn't know that this option which I really prefer to exist that is the reason that I have a plugin page but now that we made this thread we will make sure to delete the page to not violate the rules, thanks for warning us :tup:
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 13, 2019 ---
    Please ask your questions on our discord server, I will not reply to questions here so there is no point asking on here
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  9. MegaNoam

    MegaNoam Member

    I am using this AntiCheat for a long time actually since its Alpha stages and also working with the developer for a long time and I can assure you that this dev knows quality from working hard on improving the plugin and releasing big updates super quickly, also from working with him I can see him searching for learning sources all of the time to improve his coding skill which is already very high for the minecraft industry, for GodsEye its an excellent AntiCheat from catching a big amount of hacks and keeping the server performance on a good state and having the best detections I saw in any AntiCheat for a while, and not being too aggressive (and this is only the Beta!),
    I recommend you to buy this plugin since you will get a great AntiCheat from an excellent developer.
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  10. Boulderboi

    Boulderboi Member

    Looks pretty good! GLWS!!
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  11. Terminated

    Terminated Owner Supreme Premium

    From experience on the test server with a wide range of cheats I have to say gods eye is very decent and no false positives from what I've seen. GLWS
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  12. Sanctioned

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    Vouch, anticheat very good especially for being in beta. Nort knows what he's doing :)
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  13. Vijay Dondeti

    Vijay Dondeti Member

    Can you configure the plugin so jelly legs and speed ce don't result in a player ban?
  14. Eric

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    Looks cool, very nicely detailed thread.
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  15. Renamed

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    Minecraft Accounts: Rnmd
    stolen from fast&furious jheez
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  16. SpigotMC-Accounts

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    Gods plan ahaa hahaa
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  17. businessteam

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    GodsEye, sounds nice gl
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  18. Blacklistings

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    Minecraft Accounts: Blqcklistings
    I haven't gotten to test the combat because the NPC's weren't spawning. However, it detected a few things pretty fast with high certainty. The scaffold detector is really slow and not very accurate. If you jump and go backward, you can get away with continuous scaffold for a while. However, seems good otherwise.
  19. idk4232

    idk4232 Member

    how much does this anticheat cost?
  20. Clyde

    Clyde Member Premium Restricted Account SR

    It says on the thread under "Pricing and Details". $16.20.
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