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Discussion in 'Configuration' started by BarxRifle, Aug 13, 2019.

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    Hey! My name is Ryan and i'm looking to begin my own server, skyblock specifically.

    I'm here to offer my configuration services as long as someone else can invest in the server. For example, I'll setup the server hopefully along side a few other developers and we'll have a steady investment which will allow us to create a professional and unique server!

    If you're interested in partaking in this project of mine, please msg me via discord or on here!
    My discord is: ryancord#4638

    My current project is PrimitiveMC(my classic factions server releasing on the 17th) However I have loads of spare time! I also have a ton of server development/configuration/management experiences so you can be sure I can do a great job.

    Have a good day.

    EDIT: I'm looking to hopefully split profits 50/50 with another OWNER/Investor. :)
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