Offering ✨Lexxonist's Quality UI/Graphics✨|| Thread Designs, Logos, Banners & More!

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  1. iLordRazor

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    Discord link: (Not a services team)

    Completion time is typically 24 hours but can be in 1 hour depending on the time that the order is received.
    I recommend making a ticket here instead of messaging me if you want something made because that way I have everything in the one place and I won't unintentionally forget about it

    Graphic art thread design 2.png

    Things I can do:

    - Logos
    - Profile Pictures
    - Static Banners
    - Forum Signatures
    - Social Media Posts
    - Photo Editing
    - Stream Overlays
    - Icons
    - Website mock-ups
    - Basic 3D Models
    - Simple Mascots
    - Thread Designs
    - And More!

    TOS & other stuff is on the server. By purchasing from me (through the discord server or through DMs, you agree to this TOS).

    I'd also like to add that I will only be using fonts and images that are allowed for commercial use on your graphic things only so you're safe from getting threats from the owners of those things. (However, I can't guarantee that the fonts and images will stay free for commercial use forever).

    Thank you.
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  2. Chrono_Link

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    VOUCH for Lexxonist. Great designer

    Made me a logo, thread design and signature. He was quick and very professional throughout the entire process. Had a few changes I wanted to make and it was done immediately. Was very patient with me and my requests throughout the entire process.
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  3. Imissions

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    Vouch for this dude, an absolute legend
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  4. Camzure

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    Vouch, made me my logo very quickly.
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