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  1. Kryth

    Kryth IGN: Skeletons Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: Kryth Skeletons
    Domain: MCSERVER.ORG
    Expiration Date: 2020-08-26
    Registrar: NameCheap
    Price: $200 (PayPal)
    Proof: will redirect to this thread if you're a serious potential buyer

    We can use a trusted Middle Man, you cover fees.

    + easy to remember for server connect IP
    + has history of Minecraft related use
    + formerly hosted hundreds/thousands of subdomains
    + previous owner was a server hosting company
    + has an estibot appraisal of $480
    + doesn't expire anytime soon
    + good waybackmachine history
    + quick push to NameCheap acc

    - is a .org extension
    - is the singular form, not "servers" with an "s"

    Could be used to redirect it to your server's IP address (dedicated IP required) so that players can connect to your Minecraft server with it by simply typing "MCSERVER.ORG" as the connection IP to join your server. Super ez to remember. Works no matter what the name or type of your server is due to how generic and open the name is.

    Could also be used to create your own top-server list similar to, lots of ready-made scripts to launch a side business!

    History of the domain:

    You would be buying a domain that itself used to host possibly hundreds/thousands of servers back when '' had customers sign up and use subdomains of this to host their client's minecraft servers such as "". This is the same hosting service that was also used back around 2011 to host the Machinima Minecraft Livestream which featured 'Notch' the creator of Minecraft on the stream.

    This is a serious domain with $480 estibot value, waybackmachine age, and previous traffic due to being part of a hosting provider.

    "Join my server today, IP Address: MCSERVER.ORG" looks super clean. Could be yours!
    Name is registered at NameCheap.

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  2. OP

    Kryth IGN: Skeletons Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: Kryth Skeletons
    A few people have messaged me on Discord about this but the domain is still available! 2.16.20