Buying fix up prison server (rephrase)

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So since all the comments I got on my last post were about people being confused about how I worded it here I go. I am rewording this as best as I can in the simplest form I can.

What I'm Buying:
A "Fix Up" Prison server. Fix up meaning, if you were unable to fill your playerbase expectation, or you just never could figure out how to make a good prison server. And I throw some good stuff on it and make it dreamy, Don't worry, I wont be banning you or anything (Unless you break one of MY rules) Infact you'll get a special rank :). So you'll be able to continue your legacy with credit being given for being the original founder, With my professionalism and knowledge as a server owner I can get the server to whatever standards I want to.

List of stuff required:
- Console/Host Access
- Price of host per month (Include GB)
- Proof Of Ownership
- Proof Of buycraft donations (If any)
- Proof Of playerbase (Must have *AT LEAST* 5 people on per day)

Side Note:
I realise what I'm asking may be to much for my price, but keep in mind, I need to factor in costs for fixing it up

I am willing to buy a prison server with A-Z setup that needs fixing up for $40

Once Server's in my possession:
You will not have OP or any power of that sort, I will not restrict you of anything as a normal player, In fact you may even apply for staff if apps ever come up. Everything will be 100% MINE! all GFX, Anything made for the server

If you have questions, Ofc you are free to comment. But my skype is bypassings if you care to talk more in-depth about it.

Thanks for reading,
Illuminatee® :)
This thread has been locked.
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