Requesting Need some help setting up ports.

Discussion in 'System Administration' started by Shamus, Sep 11, 2019 at 6:25 AM.

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    Hello mc-market,

    Recently I've been trying to get voting setup on my bungeecord, but its a bit harder than a usual setup. I've setup votifier plenty of times before but will just need some advice on if its okay to open a port that I've allocated to votifier that I'm planning on setting up on the bungeecord host.

    - Every server apart from bungeecord is local hosted.
    - All ports apart from used ones are closed from previous sys admin. (should be secure) :tup:
    - Must have votifier setup on bungeecord as other servers are simply not possible to get it working.
    - If opening a random port for voting is a bad idea?

    I would like to get voting setup but for it not to compromise the server security.
    Requesting help as I know very little about ports, would like some advice on what would work best, and if anyone has done this before.

    Feel free to message me on discord.

  2. Im_Maury

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    No, it is not a bad idea. Opening unused ports is a bad idea.
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    Hi mate, if you still need a hand with this then shoot me a private message.