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Hello everyone! I am Xxt342txX or TheXGamer! I run a server management business!

Some of you may know me from my thread where I had advertised my website developing skills, but this goes even deeper into my business.

It isn't just me, I have a team. I have multiple builders and few plugin developers. I do most of the configurations and website making. All of us together make a pretty efficient team.

Lets start with builders.

There is an assortment of builders that participate in this, but we definitely need more of them! We have semi-pro builders, but if any of you are interested in joining, you get paid for what you do. Go ahead and contact me if you want to help build. Yes, you do get paid. If you need builds, contact me.

Now we will get into developers.

As you saw earlier in the post, I don't have many developers. I would like to add more to my team. Yes, you will be paid. If you made a plugin for one server and get paid, and make an identical plugin for another server, I can assure you the price will be different. They may have different budgets, but as devs, I am sure you know this. I have 2-3 devs that I barely talk to, I would love to have more, better developers.

Now lets get into website developing.

Website Developing:
I would be doing a lot of the website developing portion, along with a friend of mine. Now, 2 website developers could seem pretty good if they are both fast and efficient, which we are, but I would like to add more people. If you want to be one, contact me with my skype below. If you need one, contact me with my skype below.

Last, but definitely not least, plugin configuration.

Plugin Configuration:
One of the most important topics would have to be this. This includes permissions and minigames, and honestly, anything else! I do need more of these, because currently it is just me! Please contact me if you want a plugin configured or want to start configuring.

Extra Information.

TheXGamer | Server Manager

PM me with any questions!
This thread has been locked.
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