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Discussion in 'Configuration' started by puti, Dec 3, 2019.

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    I’m looking for a developer that has some experience with creating balanced custom mobs with Mythic Mobs plugin that will be incorporated into the plugin CoreArena.

    The plugin CoreArena is just a plugin that offers players to participate in an arena where mobs spawn in waves and players have to kill them for rewards and other goodies. It’s a really simple plugin to use and learn. There is even a 10minute YT video that offers you to quickly learn the basics.

    For start, I was thinking of creating one arena (have the map). That would be populated with 10 waves of custom mobs. The number of custom mobs should be around 15. The plugin CoreArena offers players to choose between different classes. Which the developer also should create and balance to match the mobs. Arena should be available to 2-5 players. So, the mobs should also level accordingly.

    In summary, I expect the developer to:
    - Create 15 varying mobs (MythicMobs)
    - Create 3 different classes to chose from as a player (CoreArena).
    - Create 10 different waves of mobs, ending on all mobs kills (CoreArena).
    - Gameplay should be balanced for players in the range of 2-5 members.

    My current expected budget for this setup is $50, but is still open for negotiation. Also, if the developer does the job as required and the game mode is enjoyed by our players. I would be happy to work with you in the future.

    message me on discord for more details pustinek#5966
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  2. Guilherme Hiroshi

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    I can do it for you and deliver within 1 day, could you accept me without discord?

    Discord: guilhermedima#3739
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    dm me on discord. will help you out. Strikes#5547