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    Who are we?

    We are Arcanic Studios. You would probably know us by the name "service team". We essentially offer products & services to a wide variety of customers from different markets & genres.

    We've been around for about a year, albeit 70% of that was behind the scenes. Arcanic was origianlly brought to light mid-2018, but I soon decided to step away from the project to work on some important real-life struggles. Now, I've been working had to re-release the team I once wanted to make great.


    We're currently looking to hire a few sales representatives to help us with moving forward as a team.

    As a sales representative, you're required to help us find clients who want to purchase from Arcanic, you may also be required to help the user with getting their commission out to our freelancers.

    To become a freelancer, you must;

    - Be relitavely mature. We, of course, allow jokes, and time where you can be humorous, but when working with clients you must be a mature individual ready to work.
    - Have an understanding of the role. We will offer you support, but we can't parent you constantly to ensure you know what to do. If we did this, we'd be better off doing the job ourselves.
    - [PREFERRED] Have experience in the role. This isn't required, but is a great help towards being brought on to the team. Having past experience is always beneficial to both parties, it means you can get right to work and we are comfortable that your past experience will walk you through most aspects of the role.


    As a sales representative you will be paid on a per-commission-basis. Meaning, for every commission you bring in, you will take a percentage of that commission

    The current percentage is 5% of the commission you bring in, however, over time we will evaluate the work done by each sales representatives, and bonuses may be given out.

    Bonuses may include giftcards, discounts at Arcanic, periods of a higher % per commission, and much more.

    How to apply

    All applications will be held via either Discord messages, or MC-Market messages.

    Rather than a form, you will be asked a series of questions as we assess you. We may also request you do a paid trial before officially accepting you.

    Join the Discord

    Message Me

    My discord: Ty#1234​
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