12 Days of Christmas with MC-Market 2019

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  1. Mick

    Mick MC-Market Owner Administrator

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    Hello there gamers,
    Just a few weeks after our previous announcement I am very happy to be back again with a huge giveaway and some updates to our reputation system!

    Christmas Giveaway

    Every second year since the foundation of the site we have released a Christmas giveaway, and we are continuing that once again today. For each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas we will be giving away prizes ascending in value, with one prize given each day.

    To enter, simply click the large 'Enter Giveaway' button at the top of the thread! You must manually come back to this thread each day to be entered for that day. To win the giveaway the only requirements are that your account must not be a business account and you must have been registered to the site for at least 6 months. Everyone who enters has an equal chance of winning and the winner is chosen completely randomly each day.

    For the next 12 days I am giving away:
    1. Exclusive Christmas name colour for 3 months [Dec 14] Winners: Blacklistings, Driftay, Ztowne13, Brandon Fulford, FigT
    2. A one-year Ultimate account upgrade to 3 users [Dec 15] Winners: Norska, Koo, TheCrazyGamer678
    3. $50 USD of advertising credit for our Ads Manager [Dec 16] Winner: Zigenzag
    4. $50 USD Paypal [Dec 17] Winner: rider777
    5. $50 USD worth of Bitcoin [Dec 18] Winner: DylanS
    6. $50 USD Steam Giftcard [Dec 19] Winner: Blunts
    7. $100 USD of advertising credit for our Ads Manager [Dec 20] Winner: DarkKnights22
    8. $100 USD PayPal [Dec 21] Winner: Blood.
    9. $100 USD worth of Bitcoin [Dec 22] Winner: PluginStuff
    10. $100 USD Steam Giftcard [Dec 23] Winner: RushC
    11. $250 USD of advertising credit for our Ads Manager split between 5 users [Dec 24] Winners: madwolfpack, Mystical Jelly, myokan, MythicGirl, LonelyTree
    12. $250 USD PayPal split between 5 users [Dec 25]
    The winner will be drawn and all current entries will reset between 6-7am GMT (or 1-2am EST) each day and you will be able to enter again after the winner has been drawn. Thank you to everyone for the amazing support you have shown​

    Regarding the Reputation System

    In our announcement at the start of this month, we announced that we would be purging all feedback remaining in our system that users have failed to upload evidence for, prior to this date. After hearing our community’s objections, this was cancelled. However, there are still concerns that need to be addressed and so changes must still be made. To tackle this, we drafted a new set of changes that attempts to work around the concerns of our older members who don’t want to lose their feedback and offered up the following suggestion for community consideration: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/544506/

    The reception was significantly more positive than before, however there were still objections to some of the details, preventing some users from agreeing. We’ve spent the last two weeks communicating with those that had remaining concerns, as well as explaining why changes are necessary: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/545300/

    Prior to 2019, the reputation system didn’t require evidence to be uploaded in order to author feedback. This was widely abused in order to boost totals, and for the past four years, since the start of the reputation system, our staff team has combated that abuse by asking that evidence be provided whenever a report is received on feedback and deleting any feedback where evidence was not available to support the claims being made.

    A change is necessary because as time went on and continues to go on since legacy feedback was authored, maintaining evidence for that feedback becomes more difficult for our users, and thus more difficult to expect. Many older members, not wanting to lose their feedback, have requested that we stop checking it for abuse, allow all remaining feedback from that system to exist immune to any moderation, whether it be in line with past, present or future policies.

    There is clearly a danger in doing this, even if the abuse of our previous system hadn’t been as rampant as it was. Simply making any content immune to moderation, removing the community’s ability to report it for rule violations and removing our ability to investigate it is dangerous. In order to do this as we intend, we’re going to need to separate the totals for legacy feedback from feedback still subject to our rules and moderation’s enforcement. Moreover, we’re going to need to provide a warning to our users, especially our newer users who only know the current system and would otherwise be left to assume that there’s no difference.

    The main complaint that we saw from our community members in regards to the suggestion was not displaying legacy feedback totals by default and forcing users to opt-in to seeing them. In consideration of this, we’re removing the toggle completely and displaying legacy feedback totals by default to all of our users. This means we won’t be able to prompt new users with a warning regarding the history of legacy feedback nor the fact that it isn’t being moderated and checked for abuse anymore. However, we will still be providing that warning in a clickable info box adjacent to the totals.

    We will be watching this announcement closely for feedback, and if there are no outstanding complaints regarding these proposed changes, then we will be proceeding at the start of January.

    Additionally, we have another suggestion thread out for providing the community with another total for measuring a user’s activity and interactions on our platform. Please give it a moment to read and provide your thoughts: https://www.mc-market.org/threads/547572/
    Thank you all for a great year and good luck with winning!

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    dark theme
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  3. Jasmines Ex

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    Merry Christmas!
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  4. Forodin

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  5. Vexy

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    epic giveaways
  6. Volto

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    free dark theme for 12 days
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  7. aglerr

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    Woah, I'm very excited!
  8. Dogs

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    i'll win the giveaway then buy out mcm, you're welcome.
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  9. 500miles

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  10. Leyton

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  11. Mahers

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    epic moment gamers, good luck to everyone

    merry christmas
  12. puzeh

    puzeh Red Thanos Supreme Premium

    merry Christmas and better updates. do we have to enter giveaway every day?
  13. OP

    Mick MC-Market Owner Administrator

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    Correct. You must come back to the thread every single day to remain entered for that day.
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  14. warfox

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    so hot
  15. Jasmines Fan

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    Bouta win again
  16. Qbh

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    i mean i’ll take an acc upgrade ‍♂️
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  17. Hussain67

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    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 14, 2019 ---
    I want to win
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  18. CL

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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. :)
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  19. 13V

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    epic like xbox x
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  20. onien

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    Happy Holidays
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