Offering Hand Drawn Illustrations~ Icons|Logos|Profile Photos| {More Updates}

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    Feel free to contact me here!
    Discord: IceLightning#9878
    Email: [email protected]
    Hand Drawn Works Custom Made. Message me for quotes and pricing!
    (All prices bellow are estimations. Prices for custom work may vary)
    Icons/Logos/Profile Photos: $20+

    These can be animated as well! Simple movements like blinking, head tilts or hand gestures can bring your photo to life.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Banners: $30+

    Misc: (Contact for pricing)


    Feel free to contact me if I haven't specifically listed what you're looking for. I can do more than what's here! This is just a generalization and an example of my style. I specialize in profile photos and icons. My style can vary but I generally do what you see here, as well as chibi and anime styles. I cannot do vector graphics, raster graphics only. You can see more and contact me at any of the links bellow!

    [​IMG] Payments can be made through Paypal. Half must be provided up front, and the rest after the sketch is approved. Full refunds only available during sketch phase. Afterwards only half.
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    VOUCH. IceLightning is the best artist ever! I highly recommend her :)
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    Vouch IceLighting took no time at all to make me my profile picture quick friendly and affordable.
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    Vouch, made GFX for me : )