Offering *CHEAP* Minecraft Texture Pakcs *VC Available*

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    Did this awhile ago, decided to start it back up. Used to make packs alot and I'm still good at it ig.

    If you want a pack just msg me on discord, a full pack, need to pay. Only accepting BTC. Can negotiate prices, once I make enough packs I'll have a list here of prices.

    If you want a vouch copy, message me on discord. *IMPORTANT* Like I did before, not making a full pack for a VC, just like 7-8 textures that you can add to a pack, like sword pearls pots etc etc.

    My Work (that's released):

    Pink 128x -

    Pink 16x -

    NBA 64x -

    NiceRefill Purple 32x [Never Released]
    (that pack I made him a long time ago, he showcased it in a video. If i can find it I'll link it here.)
    - that's the video <--- he showcases it off a bit - TitanicFN is his name now, he used these textures in a video a bit ago, deleted now because he only does fortnite now.)

    Vouch Copies : 0/10

    Ways to contact me:

    BrooklynNets#9589 - fast method - discord
    @BrooklynTheCarry - fasted method - telegram
    Or just message me on MC-Market
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    Anish#0001 , Contacted!