Selling Spotify Upgrade Site (without upgrade API)

Discussion in 'Domains & Websites' started by Zeboyx, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Zeboyx

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    I'm selling my website that has:
    - an admin panel
    - an auto generation of keys in database on purchase
    - already translated in french and english (detects browser language)
    - fully customizable with a file to help you customize it
    - everything is on main page
    - autobuy system without shoppy or something like that
    - mobile friendly
    - responsive
    - and many more things!

    If you wanna see it :
    Admin panel : | Pass : admin

    I sell it for 20€!
    Normally it cost around 60€, and the API cost about 50€.
    I'll sell the API appart later on for 50€.

    Contact me on Discord if you're interested! (DarkOS#9276)