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Bug Resource injector broken

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Bug Reports' started by Spyow, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Spyow

    Spyow Expert Terraformer Supreme Premium

    Minecraft Accounts: Spyow Speye E6G Spruz
    Ever since the resource injector was introduced both my build team's and my resources have broken, they all report a "gzip" error. If we give them a fresh file not from mcm it works fine:
    Not sure whether it has happened to everyone
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  2. Justis R

    Justis R Community Member Administrator

    If you could PM me with the resource versions that have been affected, I can disable the resource injector for those.
    I’ll also be using that information to look into what the problem could be and resolve it.

    This is more of an individual issue than something that effects everyone, so for other incompatibilities between a resource and the injector, please create a support ticket.
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