Selling [Exclusive] HQ Pixelmon setup Custom Gyms and NPC leaders, Multiple crates, Ranks, All balanced

Discussion in 'Premade Setups' started by call911, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. call911

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    Hello there!
    Today i will be selling our Network Pixelmon server, Because of the fact that Pixelmon Gamemode just doesn't fit our network.
    I won't post many details about the server, Because it's currently live and anyone is free to check it out there.
    test server:

    BIN is 250$. Though i will be considering other offers.
    (Note: If, For any reason, You'd like to buy this and run it under our network name, You are more than welcome if you have enough experience.)
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    Vouch! dealt large deals with this user before!