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Discussion in 'Minecraft Plugin Development' started by Miles Lu, Feb 15, 2020 at 9:41 AM.

  1. Miles Lu

    Miles Lu Graphic Designer Premium

    Hey there, I'm Miles, the owner of JailTime, an upcoming OP Prison server. We're recruiting
    1-2 experienced developers to assist in custom coding as well as configuring and finalizing the server for our release.

    You must be able to work in a team to create plugins efficiently with quality and suggest new ideas as we go. It's also required that you have a GitHub and/or portfolio to show your previous work. If you've never worked with prison before, please don't bother contacting me, thank you.

    This is a paid-per-project position and will transition into paid-per-month or week as we go along.

    DISCLAIMER: I previously opened a thread for the recruitment of a single developer less than a week ago, so if you were denied or did not receive a response, message me again.

    Let's get to work.
    Contact me on Discord - Miles L.#0001