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Hi everyone!
MC-Market is now on XenForo 2! We are incredibly proud and excited to announce all of the changes that you’ll notice across our platform.


XenForo 1 has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by the developers, even for security fixes. Therefore, us upgrading to XenForo 2 has been inevitable. Despite both versions having the same functionality, XenForo 2 was redeveloped from scratch and has made all of our custom additions and theme incompatible. We've had to completely remake MC-Market, and as many of you know this has been a huge undertaking. This migration is the largest update ever and has taken over a year to complete, so there will be plenty to cover today!​
If you don't want to read this entire announcement we have provided a TL;DR at the end.​
Moving forward having greater transparency about our plans and reasons for making changes is going to be more of a focus for us. We've written three new wiki articles for this purpose: Who we are, Changelog, and Roadmap. These articles outline our future plans, our vision for the site, and the changes we plan to make in order to achieve that vision. To give a brief snippet, in 2022 it's highly likely that we'll rebrand MC-Market and focus most of our efforts on growing our Resources Marketplace.​
It's no secret that MC-Market has remained stagnant throughout the past year while we've worked on our migration project. We've seen it as illogical to invest in developing large features when anything we make will need to be rewritten from scratch again. We've also been hesitant to invest in ads and marketing to grow our platform when we've known that we could serve our community better after the migration. We are now in a place where we can focus on innovating and growing so I am very excited about the future of MC-Market in 2022!​

Data migration & infrastructure improvements

Most importantly, we can confirm that no data has been lost from the migration from XenForo 1 to XenForo 2. We have thoroughly tested with the help of our Ultimate users in a closed beta to ensure that all important data from the old site has been moved over. Of course, nothing is always guaranteed to be perfect no matter how much testing is done, so in the unlikely event that any data hasn't been imported, it will be very easy for us to copy it over as we have full backups of the data from XenForo 1. Please create a ticket or bug report if you find any cases of this happening.​
There is, however, some data that we decided not to migrate over from XenForo 1 to XenForo 2. To be clear, we still have the data, but we decided that it was simply more hassle than it was worth to try and import it. The data that we decided not to move was your bookmarks, chat likes, whether you had light or dark theme selected, profile covers, thread covers, and resource covers. If it poses a significant problem to you that we haven't ported these over, please create a ticket.​
With the move we also took the opportunity to completely restructure our backend servers and infrastructure, leading to greater stability and faster load times. The overall speed it takes to load pages should be improved, images should load significantly faster and our resource injector will continue becoming faster over the coming weeks as we finalise our new storage system. The speed of our site is still something we're actively going to work towards improving, but you should already be able to notice a considerable improvement.​

New theme

We've got a fresh coat of paint! We have worked with PixelExit to develop a new theme for the site that is more modern and sleek. Our goal with the new design has been to minimise clutter and unnecessary design details to focus on user-created content. We've got a new font (Noto Sans), slightly altered username colours, Supreme colour changing improvements, and the ability to stretch content to fill your browser's full width. There's not a whole lot for us to say about the theme given the fact that you can see the changes for yourself, but we're very happy with the new design and hopefully, you are too.​

Resources overhaul

As we've said, resources are our primary focus moving forward. Resources are the best platform for developers, artists, builders, and more to sell their products. Today we're making them even better! The first thing you'll notice is our resources index page is sporting a new look focusing far more on pictures than a text description — after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!​
Image carousel
We've removed the tiny resource icons that were previously required for thread creation and instead replaced them with what we're calling our image carousel. The image carousel allows for authors to upload several images of their product and have them display at the top of their product overview. The carousel is also displayed on the resource list so that users can look through resource images without having to open the page. Authors without any account upgrades can upload up to 3 images to the carousel, Premium users can upload up to 5, Supremes 10, and Ultimates 15. All existing resources have been switched over to the new system and authors are highly encouraged to go through their products to upload images to the carousel. We apologise for the inconvenience of having to manually do this for each resource, but it is the only way for us to switch to this new system. During the downtime we had a selection of our top resources have been updated by staff to use the new format.​
We've found that the easier we make it for buyers to discover what they're looking for, the more sales that our authors get. The filtering system we're introducing will significantly help with resource discoverability, providing powerful control to users. Each category has its own unique set of fields that authors must set when publishing, such as the type and theme of a build in the Builds category. There are also filters that apply across all categories, such as the ability to only show free or paid products, and even to show paid products within a specified budget. Once again, all authors who have existing products on our platform should edit their resources to select the appropriate filters. Editing resources to fill out the fields isn't mandatory, but without doing so the resources won't show up whenever a potential buyer searches with filters enabled.​
Title requirements
We've introduced new restrictions to resource titles, only allowing at most 50 characters, A-Z, 0-9, and standard special characters that you'd find on your keyboard. Until now the titles of resources have devolved into a spam of stars and large text exclaiming the great features a product has. Not only is this bad for accessibility, but also for the sanity of our buyers who want to find a product without being overwhelmed with the most extreme titles trying to grab their attention. All resources have had their titles updated to remove any characters which do not meet these new requirements, but they have not been automatically shortened. Authors are required to edit their resource title to fix formatting issues before they can bump or make any other edits to resources.​
Resource bumping
For years it's been suggested that we add bumping to resources to work the same way as thread bumping, and it has now been implemented. The default sorting method for viewing resources is now 'Relevance' rather than 'Last update' so you can bring your resource to the top of the list without the need to update the product. To bump your resource, simply click the 'Bump' button and you'll see it shoot to the top!​
Collaborative resources
We've retired business accounts. We implemented them poorly and so they never got enough use and lead to confusion from users. Instead of business accounts, we now have a new system called Collaboration that applies to both threads and resources. Instead of posting content on a business account to share access with others, you can give permissions to edit your resources to others in a team and have them publicly listed as collaborators in your resource sidebar. This new system gives more granular control and is more intuitive to use. All resources that were published on business accounts have been automatically moved to the business account owner. Credits have been automatically transferred from the business account to its owner and to receive Credits for account upgrades purchased please create a ticket.​
Discussion threads
A complaint we've commonly received from authors has been that the discussion threads system is hard to use for both authors and users. The automated update messages sent on the thread are clunky, there isn't enough control of the original message, and it makes the forums and resources feel more disconnected than they should. Today we're retiring all existing resource discussion threads and instead allowing authors to link their resources with any thread from the appropriate product category. For example, plugin resources can be linked to an existing thread in the Plugins product forum. If you're an author, your existing discussion threads have been moved to your Thread drafts.​
Resource categories
We've cleaned up our resource categories to make them easier to understand and use. We have:​
  • Added a 3D models category for Minecraft models of items, blocks, and entities
  • Merged the Worlds and Schematics categories into a single category for Builds, with a filter added to select whether you're providing a schematic or world file
  • Renamed Setups to Server setups
  • Split Bots & Programs category into a separate category for Discord bots and Programs
Anti-piracy placeholder injector
Our injection system is continuing to get better and better. We've made significant optimisations to the injector which users will notice through resource downloads now happening up to 3x faster than before. In situations where downloading does take more than a few seconds due to high loads or large file sizes, an alert will now be provided to users when their download is ready to avoid frustration and confusion from waiting. The injector has been further streamlined to reduce issues occurring where files corrupt or fail to fully download and we've implemented a new %%__MCMARKET__%% placeholder so authors can be certain that their resource was downloaded from our platform.​
Download history
Authors can now view who has downloaded your resource, and when they downloaded it. We're currently using a standard off-the-shelf addon to accomplish this right now, but we have plans to soon develop a better and more powerful alternative that hooks into the licenses system.​
Author dashboard
By far the biggest complaint that authors had with resources was the slow Seller dashboard, which has now been renamed to the Author dashboard. Through updates to the software, we're confident that the entire dashboard should load much faster now, and especially for the Manage licenses page. We have also made improvements to our transaction tracking systems for fighting chargebacks, cleaning the page up, and making it easier to use.​
Access restrictions
Authors are able to restrict which users are allowed to purchase or download their resources. While redeveloping the system we've added new functionality, now making the list of banned users work as intended, limiting only Premium, Supreme, or Ultimate users to purchase your resources, and even setting dependent resources. This means that you can require a user to purchase one of your other products to be able to download or purchase another. You'll notice that we've also added a new tab to the Author dashboard where you can set Global access restrictions that apply to all of your products, and still override the global restrictions on a per-resource basis.​
Resources Lead role
We've promoted Ellie to a brand new position we're calling our Resources Lead! She'll be the head of our Resources system moving forward and will be focusing on two main objectives: keeping current authors happy and finding new authors to join our marketplace to sell their products. If you're considering posting your products on MC-Market or have any questions, please get in touch with her and she'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're an established author on our platform, it's likely that Ellie will be getting in touch with you shortly!​
Creation process
Previously the process of creating resources was overwhelming with one long form of options that were not clear about what was required to be filled in and what wasn't. We've now changed the creation page to hide all of the advanced features in a separate tab. This allows for authors who want to publish quickly without advanced options while also allowing us to create more advanced tools in the future without overwhelming the majority of authors who won't want to use them. We've added a new field for entering a link to the source code of your product for plugins and programs. Finally, we have increased the file size limits so that now everyone can upload files up to 100MB and Premium users can upload up to 150MB.​
To summarise, we've made many changes which we're sure resource authors will love, but the new features mean that authors should go through their existing resources to update them. The changes haven't been made haphazardly, and each of them has been planned for a very long time. We've ensured that all of the changes were made today at the same time to avoid authors having to go through their resources several times to update them. Updating your resources isn't required, but not doing so will make your resources less appealing through using the old image icon rather than the image carousel and less discoverable through not showing in filtered results and in linked discussion threads.​
If you're a creator who hasn't yet used the resource marketplace then I'd recommend taking a read of the following articles from our wiki:​
  1. Why create resources? - The pros and cons to publishing resources compared to completing commissions or selling your creations manually
  2. Overview for authors - Everything you need to know before submitting a resource
  3. Alternatives - Compares MC-Market's resource marketplace system to other systems and shows why we have the best platform
  4. Anti-piracy placeholders - The placeholders and suggestions we have to help authors protect their products
  5. Migrations - We'll help you move your products from other platforms to MC-Market, completely free of charge
Forum changes

The forums are the core of our website. They're what we've grown from and achieved such success with, providing value to the community through building strong networks of talented creators and business owners. While we do have fewer changes to our forum to announce than we have for resources, there's still plenty to present today. Most of these changes were also made to resources, so read through that section of this announcement for additional details about these changes.​
Thread layout
Firstly, you'll notice that this thread is displaying a little differently than any thread you've seen before on our forum! We've moved the postbit showing user information from the sidebar to now show above the thread content for announcements and marketplace threads. This change was made to provide more room for content and less wasted space, and it makes thread designs look pretty amazing by taking up the full width. If you're not a fan of the change right away then that's okay, it's certainly going to take some time to get used to but it should be a significant improvement.​
Forum organisation
Many changes have been made to make our forums to make them easier to navigate and understand. This includes:​
  • Added Models, Graphics and Configurations forums
  • Adjusted Accepted Suggestions, Pending Suggestions, Denied Suggestions, and Bug Reports Archive to be merged into Suggestions & Bug Reports Archives
  • Adjusted Verified Game Hosting, Verified Other Hosting, Other Hosting and Requesting to be merged into Hosting, with verified hosts receiving a prefix
  • Adjusted Textures & Modelling to be split as separate Textures and Modelling forums
  • Adjusted Domains & Websites to be split as separate Domains and Websites forums
  • Adjusted Recruitment & Staff to be split as separate Management and Support & server staff forums
  • Adjusted Premade Setups and Premade Builds to no longer have Premade in their name
  • Adjusted Videography & Trailers to be renamed as Videography
  • Adjusted Thread Drafts to now display in the navigation bar's tab links
  • Removed Videogame Items, Fortnite, Gift Codes & Licenses forums
Thread filters
Just like with resources, we've added new fields to the creation process of every thread which can be used by others to filter results. Each forum has its own unique set of filters associated with it to make it easier for users to find the results they're looking for. Unlike with resources, most of the filters for threads are not required to be filled out and can be ignored if you're unsure about which is the best option to select.​
Collaborative threads
We've introduced collaborative threads to share edit permissions of your threads with other people as a team. Along with resources, all threads from business accounts have now been moved to the business account owner's account. Other content such as posts and reactions have not been automatically transferred. To get started, click the 'Manage collaborators' button visible on any thread you own. If you're affected by this change and run into any issues please create a ticket and we'll assist you.​
Title requirements
We've implemented similar restrictions to thread titles that were added for resources, except we're allowing for up to 75 characters in thread titles instead of just 50. Only A-Z 0-9 and regular special characters will be allowed in thread titles in order to stop people promoting themselves with excessive amounts of star and lightning bolt characters which are bad for accessibility and usability. Speaking of usability...​
We've put lots of time and attention into improving the usability of the site, not just with our new wiki articles, but also with providing other useful messages to prevent users from unintentionally breaking rules. This comes in the form of new notices put above the thread creation page, unique to each forum, explaining common mistakes that users make when creating threads, such as trying to offer a product in a service forum. Additionally, we have a new system we're calling our greylist that will detect words and phrases that likely break our rules and warn users about it before submitting the content, with an option to submit it anyway. Threads no longer automatically lock after 60 days of inactivity, and instead, we provide a warning to users that they can respond but it's probably not a good idea to as it'd likely break our rule against necroposting.​
To reiterate, if you have threads that you are currently using and maintaining, we strongly encourage you to edit them to assign filters and edit your thread title if it's been broken by our stricter title requirements. Thank you for your cooperation and we once again apologise for the inconvenience.​
Ads manager overhaul

Over 11,000 advertisements have been created through our ads manager since it was introduced in 2016. Our advertisers have loved the system and achieved great success through it, but over time we have noticed some significant shortfalls with our implementation. Without ad prices updating dynamically we've had difficulty with charging a fair price for advertisements, with underpriced ads leading to massive queues, often taking over two years to be able to get the slot you desire. Both of these problems are perfectly solved with an auction bidding system, which we are releasing today in our ads manager overhaul.​
Unlike our previous system, this new ads manager is entirely custom-built and we believe that it will make the experience of advertising on MC-Market even better. Instead of submitting an ad and prepaying an invoice for several weeks at a time, our new ads manager allows users to set a bid to be executed daily. For example, instead of waiting weeks to sticky your thread in the Plugins product forum, you can place a bid at any time and receive a slot in less than a day when the next auction occurs as long as you're one of the top 5 bidders. The balance afforded to us by an auction system allows us to maintain a perfect equilibrium between supply and demand. Putting money into ads without being able to track whether the ad is actually achieving your goals feels more like gambling than a sensible business decision, so we're tracking more statistics to provide analytics to advertisers.​
A new ad type is also being released: automated advertisements in our onsite Chat. Each day the highest bidder will have their ad automatically posted in Chat by our bot every 30 minutes, eliminating the need to manually send your ad message. Forum sidebar banners will now receive significantly more impressions and clicks than before as they now show in the sidebar of all forums rather than just on the forum index page.​
Want to learn more about our new ads manager? Read our wiki article for more details on how it works here, or try it for yourself! With just $5 in Credits required to get started there's no reason not to see how MC-Market ads work for your business:​

Chat changes

Our onsite Chat is now open to all users, even those without the Premium account upgrade. Without Premium, users will have a 15-second cooldown between messages sent in chat and will not be able to post links or advertisements. We believe that these changes will drastically increase Chat activity and bring our community closer together. Each account upgrade now has its own prefix in chat to distinguish users with upgrades compared to those who haven't yet upgraded their accounts. All users can now edit their own messages in Chat up to 1 minute after they were posted.​
Chat is now also visible to users who haven't registered to our site, so they'll be able to see what they're missing out on to encourage them to join.​

Ultimate upgrade changes

Ultimate is our highest account upgrade available on MC-Market. It's now been made significantly better with the introduction of many new features and fixes. We've added:​
  • Ultimate API. After many months of testing, our API is finally here! Instead of using XenForo 2's built-in API, we've custom-built our own solution from scratch to be more powerful, less intensive, and purpose-built for the needs of our users. Everything has been extensively tested already and full documentation can be found here.
  • Vanity URLs. Similar to Discord's server vanity URL system, we've implemented vanity URLs. Ultimate users can set up to 5 custom URLs for their profile and any threads or resources they own through this page. I've set my profile to and this announcement is now!
  • Discord server. We set up a Discord server for our Ultimate users to beta test this new XenForo 2 site, and it was such a success that we've decided to keep the server open for any Ultimate users to join! We do have plans to eventually release a public Discord server, but for now, we've got an Ultimate-only server that you can join.
  • Exclusive smilies. We've taken further inspiration from Discord and added in a total of 11 smilies that only Ultimate users have access to.
  • Chat reactions. Previously in our Chat Ultimate users could like messages, but now reactions are available.
  • Autobump resources. For years, Ultimate users have been able to automatically bump a thread every 24 hours. Now, with the introduction of bumping resources, we've also added the ability for users with Ultimate to automatically bump a resource every 24 hours also.
  • New BBCodes. Along with the [LINE] and [FA] BBcodes, we're now giving Ultimate users two new BBCodes to play around with: [THEME] and [TABS]. The theme BBCode lets me only show content to users on certain themes, so for example we know for certain that you're on light theme right now!
  • See who has viewed a thread. Supreme users can see a list of users who are currently looking at a thread. Ultimate users can do that too, but now Ultimate users can also see a list of all users who have ever viewed a thread! Pretty nifty stuff.
  • Longer chat messages. Regular users, Premiums and Supremes can send messages up to 200 characters long in chat. Ultimate users can now send messages up to 250 characters long.
  • Higher image upload limits. Currently, all users can upload up to 30 images to threads and resources. Ultimate users can now upload up to 50 images.
  • Several minor changes. Some things weren't quite working as they were supposed to, but that's now been fixed.
    • Disabling reactions on threads now works as intended
    • Autobumps will no longer have an issue where they randomly cancel themselves
    • Removed the option to disable the sidebar banners due to a lack of use
    • Ultimate users can now invite up to 10 users to a conversation at a time instead of the regular maximum of 5
    • FontAwesome BBCodes now uses the most up to date version: FontAwesome 5. Also includes far more variants: [fa=fal fa-user][/fa] becomes
    • Removed the 3-month purchase duration. Now Ultimate can be purchased monthly for $7.50 or annually for $48.
Interested in these new features? Today we will be offering 1 year of Ultimate for just $24 - that's 50% off!​

Support changes

We've made improvements to the way that we as staff support our users. The changes we've made primarily relate to policies, rules, transaction disputes, feedback disputes, our wiki, and the members of our team.​
Policy & rule changes
The Merchant agreement has been updated with a new section governing the Termination of contracts and further guarantees the right of both parties to the wages, percentages and other time-based benefits that were agreed upon for the duration of the contract. Furthermore, it asserts that if you are not satisfied with the performance of someone you are contracted with and do not wish to continue providing them the agreed benefits, it is your responsibility to terminate the contract. Refusing to pay someone after the fact, for example, due to hindsight dissatisfaction, will not be tolerated.​
The section on Fixes has also been amended to allow for an alternative product to be provided in place of a patch under very limited and specific conditions. Specifically, the replacement product must satisfy the same description, meet all of the needs of the buyer that the original product should have, and do so as well if not better than the original product.​
Our Warnings wiki has also been updated. It includes further detail into our policies when it comes to escalating punishments as well when lenience is provided. Of course, the changes to our rules and a collective reduction warnings expires have also been reflected here.​
Furthermore, our Redistribution rights wiki has been updated. All of the subjects previously covered by this wiki have been condensed into more easily digested sections. We believe it’s incredibly important that everyone understand the rights they do and do not have when it comes to redistribution and we hope that this change will bring us closer to that goal.​
Along with these policy changes, many adjustments have been made to our rules. The numbers listed here are referring to the old rule numbers, but the changes are as follows:​
  • Added 1.24, 1.24.1, and 1.24.2 to explain that abusing our new filtering system is not allowed
  • Adjusted 1.4 since business accounts are now retired to clarify that each member is only allowed one personal account
  • Adjusted 1.4.1 to encourage the use of guest tickets instead of creating a new account to submit a ticket
  • Adjusted 1.14 to now be subrule 1.8.4, clarifying that 'goodbye' threads are considered low quality
  • Adjusted 1.15.3 to clarify that it is only MCM password sharing that is disallowed
  • Adjusted 1.16 to allow revenue-generating links as long as the affiliation and benefit you receive is disclosed
  • Adjusted 3.4 to clarify that you can include several ads in a single Chat message as long as it is in a single message
  • Adjusted 4.1 to clarify that you must announce a winner on giveaway threads before its closing date
  • Adjusted 4.2 to clarify that both contests and giveaways require a reasonable closing date
  • Adjusted 4.3.1 to clarify that products predominantly owned by banned members cannot be promoted or sold
  • Removed 5.2 which disallowed posting in an inappropriate category because the rule already exists as 1.18
  • Removed 1.11 and 1.11.1 which disallowed requesting to become staff
  • Removed 1.16.1 which disallowed posting referral codes or revenue-generating links
  • Removed 1.17 which disallowed replying to threads where the last reply was over a month ago
  • Removed 1.20.1 and 1.20.2 which disallowed arguing with staff members after a decision has been finalized
  • Removed 4.5 which disallowed requiring social media interaction in a giveaway
  • Removed 5.5 which disallowed starting an auction-style thread with an unreasonable end date
  • Removed all business account rules
Transaction dispute changes
As the heading suggests, we’ve renamed Scam reports to Transaction disputes. This change was necessary in order to better represent the purpose and process of seeking support from us in this way. Primarily, this section is used not to report scams that have occurred, but rather, to settle a disagreement between two users who are unable to reach a resolution on their own. Immediately labeling these requests as scams and in a rather first come first serve way, is unfair to the person who wasn’t first to post the thread. In fact, there’s no reason why the user who created the thread can’t be found to have been in the wrong. Many times they have. Going forward, transaction disputes will be displayed on the profiles of all users involved, as disagreements are a mutual responsibility, regardless of who posted the thread first.​
Moreover, our previously titled Scam Resolvers have been renamed to Transaction Arbiters. Although the term may be an unfamiliar one within the community, we feel that there is no more accurate and concise of a title for the role that these staff members perform.​
Lastly, while the forum is still publicly visible, it has been removed from the index page. You may still view all of a user’s past and ongoing disputes by visiting their profile and clicking the associated tab. However, they are not intended to be a form of entertainment, so scrolling through every active dispute and commenting at random will no longer be possible.​
Wiki changes
Our wiki has a new navigation system that's easier to use, with categories for each article. This allows us to create new articles without overwhelming users with too much information or making important information difficult to find. We've also written several new articles: Who we are, Branding, Changelog, Roadmap, Collaborative content, Ads manager, Transaction disputes, Support tickets, Resources overview for users, Resources overview for authors, Why create resources?, Resource alternatives, Resource migrations, Marketplace overview, Trading etiquette, Ultimate API documentation and API endpoints.​
Staff changes
Additionally, the following staffing changes have been made:​
  • Kram has been promoted to Administrator
  • Ellie has been promoted to Resources Lead
  • Russ and Haseeb have been promoted to Developer
  • Justis has been promoted to developer alongside his current Administrator position
  • FiftyWalrus, Patrick, and Lollipop56 has been promoted to Feedback Moderator
  • Marc has been promoted to Chat Moderator
  • Tofty and Matty have been promoted to Moderator
  • Brandon has been promoted to Transaction Arbiter and Moderator
  • Tatty has been promoted to Resource Moderator and Moderator
  • Banned, Rj and Automating have resigned
  • Mystical Jelly has been demoted
Other changes

So many changes have been made that it has been effectively impossible to keep track of everything. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the other changes:​
  • Added a more intuitive interface to buy MC-Market Credits
  • Added the ability to purchase several account upgrades in a single transaction (e.g. go from Premium directly to Ultimate)
  • Added the ability for Premium users to select a per-thread avatar, including the thread icon
  • Added push notifications for compatible browsers and devices
  • Added a dismissable alert on all user profiles linking to our wiki article on avoiding impersonation scams
  • Added rich formatting when tagging members in posts. The user's name colour will now show when you tag them
  • Added the ability for all users to view their post and thread edit history so that changes are easier to track
  • Added the ability for all users to change their date of birth field on their profiles without contacting staff to do it
  • Added the ability for all users to see their edit histories of threads to make keeping track of previous revisions easier
  • Added a new medal for the Ultimate users who have been involved in our beta tests. Thanks for your help!
  • Added a cooldown on submitting forms for transaction disputes and giveaways to avoid accidental double-posts
  • Adjusted the Author Dashboard to be less buggy and slow, especially when managing licenses
  • Adjusted the permissions for deactivated accounts to now be able to see our wiki
  • Adjusted feedback disputes to now be conducted through tickets rather than conversations
  • Adjusted the way that group banners display to now only display a single banner in users postbits, but all on profiles
  • Adjusted bookmarks to now be a feature that anyone can use rather than restricting it to only Supreme users
  • Adjusted several mentions of messages and discussions to be changed to posts and threads respectively
  • Adjusted chat kicks to now expire when they're supposed to rather than ending an hour after they're supposed to
  • Adjusted all instances of title case on the site to sentence case. 'This Title Example' is now 'This title example'
  • Removed all Minecraft account-related custom addons that we previously had since account sales are disallowed so they're unnecessary
  • Removed the requirement to wait 30 days before posting suggestion threads and giving feedback to others
  • Removed the thread history page where you could see a list of threads previously visited due to a lack of use
  • Removed the trophy points system as it was unnecessary and didn't contribute to our platform in any meaningful way
  • Removed the interesting reaction. Any interesting reactions that were previously given were converted to informative reactions instead
  • Removed the resources coupon codes field because it wasn't functional and needs to be redeveloped in a better way
  • Removed the ability to sticky profile posts until we can redevelop the addon, including the ability to sticky thread replies and resource reviews
  • Removed tagging the original poster on a thread by typing @OP until we get it redeveloped again
  • Removed the ability to follow others. It was unnecessary clutter and irrelevant to our marketplace

Conclusion & questionnaire

This migration has been a project with many moving parts and of course, it wouldn't be possible without the amazing contributions of our talented team. I would like to thank:​
  • Jayson for developing many of our addons, handling our system administration, and migrating all of our data to the new site
  • Russ from for creating our amazing new theme. P.S. he's open for commissions!
  • Justis for creating the new resource injector, credits addon, and managing the entire project with me. Couldn't have done it without you.
  • Haseeb our new developer we have been working with near the end of this project for the many great addons developed with us
  • Kram and Ellie for planning, documenting, configuring and discussing every aspect of the migration
  • Harry for the development of our new Ultimate API and managing our closed alpha for select users
  • All other staff members and Ultimate beta testers for their insights, testing and ongoing support of the site
  • The MC-Market community for your patience with us throughout the process and valuable contributions that make MC-Market better
Over the coming weeks, we anticipate that there will be many minor bugs with the site that we will need to fully iron out, so we ask for your patience and understanding while we work through everything. If you notice any bugs, no matter how small, please create a bug report. If you think that we're missing a feature or you'd like us to change anything at all, please create a suggestion thread.​
We have created a questionnaire to gather insights from the community on your response to this announcement and the future of MC-Market. All users who respond fully and provide helpful insights will be given $5 in MC-Market Credits which can be spent on account upgrades or ads from our Ads Manager. If you could please answer the questionnaire we would greatly appreciate it:​

We truly hope that the changes we have released today have met or exceeded your expectations. We're in a great position now to continue innovating with more improvements to make MC-Market the best platform for you. Thank you for supporting us and I'm sure that together we can make 2022 our best year yet.



MC-Market has been completely remade on the XenForo 2 platform.​
No data has been lost in the migration.​
We've made many improvements and there are many more to come!​
50% off Ultimate 1 year subscription today only for just $24.​
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